UNF student grabs racks on racks on racks in Wheel of Fortune

Jariss George

Photo courtesy of Austin Tuttles
Photo courtesy of Austin Tuttle

UNF senior Austin Tuttle has done what every person in America has dreamt of doing at one point or another: spin the wheel on “America’s Game.”

On Halloween, Tuttle won $6,300 on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune.

Photo courtesy of Austin Tuttles
Photo courtesy of Austin Tuttle

Tuttle, a finance major who’s set to graduate in December, said his experience was nothing short of excellent, from the time he first placed his name in a raffle, to when he flew to California to participate on the popular game show for College week to when he met Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

“It was awesome. I just went to the tryout thing for fun really. Getting called was cool but getting the call to be on the show was just an eye opener that it’s real,” Tuttle said.

Austin grew up watching Wheel of Fortune with his grandmother, since the television was usually on that channel after her favorite show Jeopardy ended.

“Watching the show helps you out a lot. [When preparing] the big packet that was sent with info and practice puzzles for what to expect was useful too along with doing crosswords.”

To be selected, Austin placed his name in a raffle with his friend at one of the Wheel of Fortune trucks. From there, the Fleming Island native’s name was selected and he had to meet up with people in order to solve puzzles. He sat and waited until organizers contacted him a few months later asking him to be on the show.

Although he wasn’t able to take first, he’s more than content with his winnings.

“Not sure what the plans are for the money. Thinking about just putting it away for now,” he said.


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