Staying warm and upping your style in the winter

Hunter Carnley

As we approach the winter months and another season of fashion, plaid is going out the window and the fur coats are starting to break out again. Dressing for winter can be difficult with the lack of color, higher price point and availability of “in-between” options. Luckily for us, however, even in haute couture such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, winter style has not made much of a change in over half a century–the garment looks vary, but the same central necessity for warmth remains constant.

In winter we have one ally: layering — no matter the state or geographical region — gives us style and warmth without having to make that bank-breaking run to Nordstrom. Luckily, in the southern states we have the luxury to cheat the system of winter clothes. Wear fall styles (chunky shoes with a scarf and a comfortable button down or long tee with matte lips and smoky eyes) in winter colors and presto, you are both comfortable and in style.

First, we need to establish our color pallette. With the death of leaves comes the death of color. For winter, stay around neutrals, such as brown, black, gray, and other muted shades, like forest green, navy and wine. Find a comfortable shoe in leather, velvet, canvas or suede, preferably a boot or other high-rising shoe (chelsea boots for my men: see ALDO for ideas) and pair them with a fun argyle or printed high sock.

How to Dress for Winter


Next, we look for a nice tailored pant in wool, thick cotton, or other natural fiber (these help to contain your body heat), with a grain like twill or birdseye. Brands including Rue21 and Target normally carry reasonably priced pants for both men and women in these categories. For other ideas, you might want to shop around Banana Republic and J-Crew.

For tops, choose a color-block or monochrome garment slightly larger than the size you normally wear. Oversized clothes are on-trend right now in both the celebrity media and high-end fashion magazines.

How to Dress for Winter


Finally, choose an overwear to fit your surroundings. Pea coats, blazers, bomber jackets and varsity jackets (see Forever21 and H&M) in our winter colors, and fabrics like acrylic or nylon, are warm enough for Florida and give a sheen to really make dressing up pop amidst such subdued colors. Instead of a cashmere scarf, we can substitute a nice pashmina in grey or brown, and still get away with the floral and geometric prints.

How to Dress for Winter


Accessories are all yours to choose. Just remember — cool shades of black and grey pair best with silver, while tans and warm, muted colors are best complimented by rose and yellow gold.

Other than these tips, your style is your own blank canvas, so experiment and find what works for you!

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