Police Beat: Week of 9-22-10


Sept. 15 – Petty Theft (Building 6) — UPD responded to the theft of a cell phone. The victim told UPD she had left her cell phone in class, and someone returned it to her professor’s office. The professor left the phone on her desk Sept. 10 and came back to find the phone missing from her desk. The professor’s office door was not working properly, and a lock audit could not be conducted. The victim has since canceled the service on her phone.
Sept. 15 – Petty Theft (Osprey Fountains) — A man reported to UPD that his cell phone was stolen. He told UPD he placed his cell phone on the sink in the restroom in the Osprey Fountains residence halls. He left the area but later realized he had left his cell phone in the restroom. He returned to the restroom and could not find his phone. The officer who reported to the scene suggested the victim contact his phone provider and try to track his phone via GPS.

Sept. 15 – Property Damage (Lot 9) — UPD responded to Lot 9 in reference to a vehicle fire. Jacksonville Fire Rescue appeared on the scene to attempt to put the fire out. UPD later located the owner of the car, Kyle Johnson, and escorted him from class to his car. The cause of the fire is unknown. Johnson was able to start the car and did not want a tow truck to respond to the scene.

Sept. 15 – Grand Theft (Building 51) — Student Kimberly Snyder brought her laptop to class with her Sept. 15 and remembered setting it down by her feet. She left class not remembering she brought her laptop with her and left it in class. She did not realize she had left it until several hours later. Snyder returned to Building 51 to try and locate the computer but was unable to do so.

Sept. 16 – Grand Theft (Building 14A) — Scott Curry rode his white bicycle to the Robinson Theatre to attend a meeting. He locked his bicycle with a cable lock in the bicycle rack in front of the theater. After the meeting, he returned to find his bicycle gone and the cable cut. UPD responded to the theft and noticed a clean cut through the cable and its plastic cover. The victim was unable to provide the serial number of the bicycle when the report was made.

Sept. 16 – Criminal Mischief (Building 14A) — UPD responded to a criminal mischief call inside the Robinson Theatre. The complainant stated that between Sept. 15 at 5:30 p.m. and Sept. 16 at 9:20 a.m., unknown persons entered the theater and pushed a soundboard off of a table, causing the soundboard to hit several chairs. The impact caused damages to several pieces of the soundboard.

Sept. 16 – Information (Building 2) — UPD responded to a call about a sick person. Anne Jean-Pierre was walking to the main campus near Building 2 when she began to feel light-headed. She complained of feeling weak and having chest pains. She went in to the Academic Center for Excellence for assistance. Fire Rescue personnel arrived and transported Jean-Pierre to St. Luke’s Hospital for treatment. The Spinnaker contacted Jean-Pierre via telephone, and she is feeling much better.