Booty Blast will blast your booty into next week

Pierce Turner

Of all the group fitness classes offered at the UNF Wellness Center, Booty Blast has the grooviest name, but it is no joke. It will test your stamina, your spirit, and of course, the strength of your buns.

One of the newest classes offered at the UNF Wellness Center, Booty Blast focuses on toning up your tuchus as well as your legs and lower back. The hour long class is split up into four sections and you can expect to perform any of the following hilariously named exercises:

Performed by Spinnaker’s very own Audrey Carpenter.

Glute Bridge:

Donkey Kicks:

Fire Hydrant:



No, I didn’t make any of those names up, and yes, these all affect the fierceness of your fanny in some way. Of course, Booty Blast also incorporates the classics like various squats, deadlifts, lunges and supermans. In each section you’ll be doing an exercise for 45 seconds at a time before moving on to the next one immediately. Your bum will hardly get a break but it will feel like marble after a few trips to the class.

I participated in Booty Blast myself and it is not for the faint of heart. The break in the middle of the class is only enough to allow you to catch your breath, but your booty will be blasted throughout if it isn’t used to that kind of abuse.

Lyndi McFate has been teaching the class for two semesters now and is the inventor of the Booty Blast routine. She recommends her class to just about anyone looking to gain some glorious glutes.

“[Booty Blast] works areas that you can’t necessarily reach [in the second floor gym] or maybe as consistently,” said McFate. “[The exercises] are actually really challenging and you have to push yourself but it’s a really good workout.”

As many might have guessed, I was the only male trying to train my trunk in the class, but McFate was quick to say that guys shouldn’t brush Booty Blast off as a quick class for beginners. This was hardly the first time I had worked out the ol’ bunyuns (clearly), and I was feeling the burn hard in the end. Guys and girls alike should check out this class.

                                              Wellness Center instructor Lyndi McFate

McFate also teaches the classes Strength and Cardio and Ab Attack and knows the importance of closed door group fitness classes for some people.

“It’s a safe environment that they can workout their glutes and not feel like people are staring at them,” said McFate.

For those of you desiring to build a taut tushie, pay the Wellness Center a visit in studio 1800 every Monday at 5 p.m. and you’re sure to obtain a credible caboose in no time.

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