Police Beat: Missing truck, stolen tech

Alexandra Torres-Perez

Graphic by Jay Srivastava

Missing Wheels

A student reported his black Ford truck missing from Lot 18 on April 5. According to the police report, the student parked his truck near a light pole the day before, but noticed it was gone the next day. The student told officials that he had his keys with him, and nobody else was allowed to use his truck. Police have searched campus with no luck. Patrol efforts have now been suspended.


Taken Tech

A computer keyboard and mouse were stolen from a storage cabinet in J. Brooks Brown Hall on April 6. According to the police report, a staff member noticed that someone had pushed the glass on the cabinet hard enough to break the tabs holding it in place. This gave the suspect enough room to only take the mouse and keyboard.

According to the police report, police were unable to get fingerprints from the glass because a staff member had removed the glass from the cabinet. The case has been suspended due to there being no suspect, as well as a lack of evidence.

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