Police Beat: Take, take, take


Alex Torres-Perez

Losing Gains

A driver’s license and a VISA gift card were taken from the back of a student’s cellphone on May 10. According to the police report, the student had left his phone in the cubicle between the bathroom and water fountains for around 30 minutes while he worked out.

The student didn’t realize the items were missing until he tried to make a purchase afterwards. Though he didn’t know the exact amount left on the gift card, the student told officials that there was less than $10 on the card.

There were no cameras in the area where the theft occurred. The case has now been suspended due to lack of evidence and suspects.


Bike Snatched

A student reported that someone snatched his bike on May 5. The student parked his bike on the bicycle rack late the previous night, but didn’t lock it according to the police report. When he returned later that night, he noticed that his bike had gone missing.

The bike was a blue Raleigh bike with a black seat, and the handle bars were rusted in the middle. There is no serial number since the student had bought the bike off of Craigslist. Officers could only search, but were unable to find anything. The case has been suspended due to lack of evidence.


Missed Call

An iPhone 7 was taken from a bench on the nature trails on May 7. According to the police report, a woman left her phone on the bench for around 30 minutes, but was gone when she returned. The iPhone was white and pink with a black lifeproof case.

The case was suspended due to lack of evidence or suspects.


Lost and Found

A student reported her bike missing from the bicycle rack at the Cove on May 13. According to the police report, she locked her bike with a cable and combination lock on the rack while she visited her family during intersession, but when she came back she only found her lock and cable.

Officials were able to find the bicycle, but are not sure who took it or how. The case was suspended due to lack of evidence.


Squabble on Lot 18

A family squabble occurred after a sports competition on May 13. According to police, it started when an unknown man called out to the complainant’s grandson by the wrong name. The unknown man turned out to be in company of the grandson’s mother, and was actually her boyfriend. The mother and boyfriend argued for a little bit, and the complainant decided to leave with his wife.

Police said the boyfriend went up to the complainant’s car window and threatened him by saying: “This will be the last time that you talk to my wife like that or I’m going to beat the shit out of you. I’m going to take care of you and you’re going to be sorry for that.”

Someone escorted the boyfriend away, and the complainant documented the incident with UPD. No criminal complaints were charged.

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