Figurative art on display in Jacksonville Beach

Jesse Raymer

UNF Alum Taylor Castner and local artist Aaron Shelton held an exhibit at the 1st Street Loft this past weekend in Jacksonville Beach.

Castner, a graduate from the UNF sculpture program, created sculpture using bronze, steel, and stone. The titles of the works strike a humorous tone, while the work itself is streamlined and illustrates the fluidity of the human form.   

Painter Aaron Shelton uses his painting to appreciate the form of the body, and uses gestural strokes to add to the abstraction. Shelton’s work is colorful and vibrant, and uses an unorthodox approach to illustrating the female form.

Shelton also encouraged the individuals attending the exhibit to add to his painting. This led to many people walking up and adding their own ideas and brush strokes to his work, which completely transformed its original aesthetic.


The exhibit created a discourse that led to interesting thoughts about the purpose of the body, and how it can be portrayed in art. The use of nudity alongside swirling colors and abstract brush strokes was a unique interpretation, and was refreshing to see.

The sculptures also used the body in a new way, still with blatant nudity,  in a whirling motion with the moon or other figures morphing the two entities into one. The stark contrast of the bright paintings with the stone sculptures worked well with each other. Both used the body as an artform, and creating conversation.

If you would like to see these works, they will be at 1st Street Loft located at 502 First St. N.

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