Free Chick-fil-a on campus Tuesday

Ronnie Rodgers

Photo by Alex Wilson

What’s better than Chick-fil-a? FREE Chick-fil-a. On Tuesday, July 11 you could enjoy a free Chick-fil-a sandwich or nuggets. But there is one catch, you’ll have to dress like a cow.

People who are brave enough to sport their cow spots to the on campus Chick-fil-a  will be rewarded with a free entree. Individuals just have to wear “any type of cow attire” or “cow-spotted accessory,” and you’ll enjoy your free food, no coupon required.

The thirteenth annual Cow Appreciation Day is the reason customers will be receiving a free entree for dressing like their beloved mascot.

Dennis Negrin, the Dining Services director of marketing, explained that prizes can be found  leading up to the celebration.  

“We’re even hiding some plush cows & sunglasses on campus for students to discover with coupons on them over next few days leading up to [Cow Appreciation Day],” said Negrin.

All Chick-fil-a’s in Jacksonville will be participating in the celebration, so you can hit up multiple locations after your Tuesday classes.


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