History of Horror – Frankenstein (1910)

Pierce Turner

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Welcome to Spinnaker’s History of Horror! Here we will be taking a look back at everything spooky in both film and video games and analyze how horror has evolved over the last century. Check back at unfspinnaker.com every day for a new installment!

(Oct. 1, 2017) – The first film we are looking back on is arguably the foundation of the horror movie genre: Frankenstein. Soundless and colorless, Frankenstein tells its story in a short, but unique way.

Dr. Frankenstein goes to college, makes a monster, comes back to get married and his monster attacks out of rage and love. The monster makeup itself is pretty creative and completely different from what everyone thinks of when they think of Frankenstein. He is large, hairy, and a little sad.

There’s a scene where Frankenstein is looking in the mirror and he sees the monster looking back at him. This was extremely sophisticated for filmmaking back then and has been redone countless times since. Another creepy scene has the monster lurking in the background of a dark room over a fainted Dr. Frankenstein.

The film was banned upon release for being too shocking to audiences but today, it’s nothing crazy. Still, give it a watch. Thanks to YouTube, we can watch a movie over a hundred years old whenever we want.

Check back tomorrow when we take a look at the silent genre’s take on another famous monster.


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