Police Beat Nov. 23, 2010


Nov. 3 to 10 – Petty Theft (UNF Hall)
A vending machine at UNF Hall was broken into. Goods and change worth $300 were stolen. The supervisor for Canteen Vending contacted UPD and said the machine no longer operated. The lock was broken. UPD has no suspects.

Nov. 4 – Information (Student Union)
Three thousand and eight hundred copies of the Spinnaker went missing from various racks around campus. Joe Pate, responsible for distributing issues, confirmed he distributed the issues as usual. UPD conducted a search around the campus Dumpsters and other dumpsites but found nothing. No suspects or witnesses have been identified.

Nov. 9 – Burglary (Fine Arts Center Parking Garage)
A student reported a parking permit missing from her car. UPD responded to the complaint and noticed the student’s rear window did not roll up all the way. The student said she locked her car when she left to study in the Library and found the permit missing when she returned. No suspects have been identified.

Nov. 9 – Grand Theft (Osprey Villages)
UPD was dispatched in reference to a missing bicycle. A student said he locked his bicycle on the bike rack between Buildings E and F at approximately 11 p.m. When he returned at approximately 9:30 a.m. the next day, the bike was missing.

Nov. 9 – Grand Theft (Library)
Another student’s bicycle was reported missing from the Library bicycle rack. The student said she secured her bicycle on the rack with a lock Nov. 8. When she returned to the rack around 2:15 p.m. Nov. 9, the bicycle was missing. Suspects have not been identified.

Nov. 10 – Petty Theft (Fine Arts Center)
A visiting professor in the music department reported the lock used to secure a baby grand piano missing. The professor said he removed the lock from the baby grand for a class rehearsal. He placed the lock on top of the piano and hid it with a cover for protection. He left the classroom and returned to find the lock missing. The case remains unsolved.

Nov. 11 – Criminal Mischief (Osprey Village Parking Lot)
A student vehicle was reported vandalized in Lot 12. UPD found the front passenger window cracked with a small hole in the middle. The window did not shatter, nor were there any items stolen. Less than $200 worth of damage was done.

Nov. 11 – Possession (Osprey Cove)
Osprey Cove RAs found marijuana in a student’s room after a Health and Safety Inspection. UPD responded to the complaint and found marijuana mixed with loose leaf tobacco on the corner of the student’s desk top, as well as instruments used to make marijuana blunts. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 11 – Criminal Mischief (Osprey Village Parking Lot)
A student reported her vehicle vandalized. After investigation, a shattered right rear window and pieces of broken glass in the rear and front passenger seat areas were found. The student said she did not know who would have done it. No items were stolen from the car.

Nov. 12 – Possession (Osprey Fountains)
Resident assistants found marijuana on a student while conducting rounds. RAs at the Osprey Fountains contacted UPD in reference to the smell of marijuana. Upon investigation, one plastic bag with marijuana and two small glass pipes with residue were found. The student was referred to UNF Student Conduct.