Jaguars face "perfect" challenge: Week 11 Power Rankings


In a season full of uncertainty in the NFL only two things can be sure: the New York Giants and the Tennessee Titans. While every other team in the NFL has been extremely inconsistent, these two teams are coasting towards the playoffs.

One team that has a significant chance at taking away the Titans perfect record is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars played the Titans earlier this season and lost in a game which was fairly even. Since then the two teams have gone in different directions with the Jaguars falling to 4-5 and the Titans remaining undefeated at 9-0. However, with the Jaguars coming off of a huge win against the winless Detroit Lions last week a win against the Titans could turn the Jaguars season around and renew their hope at making the playoffs.

“I feel like it was a win we had to have, and now we get ready for this next one,” Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio said. “We did some things that we expected to do well and then there were some things that we still need to improve on. So that’s where I say we need to use this as a game to build on and utilize going forward as a stepping stone, certainly not a place to arrive at. It’s more of a step in the right direction.”

The Jaguars will have to play a lot better than their record if they are to defeat the Titans. So far this season the Titans have defeated several playoff contenders including: the Packers, Colts, Bears, Ravens, and Vikings. A win for the Jaguars would signify the first time the team has won three consecutive division games in franchise history. The game is likely to be a close one, with Jacksonville living up to their nickname of the “Cardiac Cats” after eight of their nine games this season have decided by seven or less points.

Week 11 Power Rankings

  1. Titans (1)
  2. Giants (2)
  3. Panthers (4)
  4. Falcons (14)
  5. Steelers (3)
  6. Colts (20)
  7. Buccaneers (9)
  8. Jets (21)
  9. Patriots (8)
  10. Redskins (5)
  11. Cardinals (10)
  12. Ravens (17)
  13. Eagles (12)
  14. Dolphins (22)
  15. Bears (11)
  16. Cowboys (7)
  17. Broncos (15)
  18. Bills (6)
  19. Vikings (24)
  20. Jaguars (16)
  21. Saints (18)
  22. Packers (13)
  23. Texans (23)
  24. Chargers (26)
  25. Browns (19)
  26. 49ers (29)
  27. Raiders (27)
  28. Seahawks (28)
  29. Rams (25)
  30. Chiefs (30)
  31. Bengals (31)
  32. Lions (32)