Police Beat Jan. 26, 2011


Compiled by Henna Bakshi and Tyler White

Jan. 17 – Petty theft (Honors Hall)

A student contacted UPD about a missing banner initially placed between Bldgs. 10 and 12. The banner read, “North Florida Death Metal Society — Find us on Facebook — Funded by UNF Student Government.” The victim said he saw the banner in its place Jan. 14 but found it missing Jan. 17. No witness of the theft identified.
Jan. 18 – Complaint (Child Development Research Center)

UPD reached the Child Development Center at 6:13 p.m. after a complaint about a man acting suspicious. The man entered the building at 6:05 p.m. and said, “I have lots of plastic and would like to buy some food to eat with the children.” He wore a hospital band on his wrist and went on to say many random statements without making any sense. The witnesses advised he eat at the Town Center. He proceeded to exit the building and ride away with a woman in the car. Since the man did no harm, the information report was closed.


Jan. 20 – Petty theft (UNF Arena/ Student housing)

A student left his iPod, wallet and phone on the floor by a wall at building 34’s half court gym to play basketball with acquaintances. After he returned, he found his wallet missing. He went back to his room and called UPD. No witnesses of the theft were identified. The student was advised to cancel his credit cards.


Jan. 20 – Complaint (UNF Hall)

A student called UPD about another student being too loud in the smoking area. The loud student claimed to have been drinking Captain Morgan all night and was taken to Building 41 for a portable breathalyzer test. He blew 0.149 and was taken to River Point Behavioral Health Center.


Jan. 20 – Fraudulent use of credit card (UNF)

A student reported a block on his credit card because of purchases he never made. Fraudulent purchases totaled $690.98. He used the Visa card to pay UNF bills and at local stores around Jacksonville. UPD provided the victim with a case reference number so he can report the fraud to Visa.

Jan. 21 – Property Damage (Lot 9)

UPD responded to a car crash that occurred around 11:15 a.m. A UNF employee was backing a university-owned dump truck into its assigned parking space in a section of lot 9 not open to civilian traffic. As the employee was backing the truck, he struck another vehicle owned by the university. No injuries occurred and no crash report was completed. Patrol efforts were suspended.


Jan. 21 – Burglary (building 41)

Victim Kevin Strickland said he parked his vehicle in lot 15 Jan. 19 at around 3 p.m. When he returned to his vehicle Jan. 21, he noticed a parking citation on his windshield. Further investigation by the victim revealed his parking permit was stolen. The vehicle was not processed for prints.


Jan. 21 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 12)

UPD responded to a call in reference to a car’s tires being cut. The victim said she parked her car in the lot Jan. 20. When she returned, she initially thought someone had just let the air out of her tires, but then noticed the sidewalls had been cut. The victim said she had no enemies and was not involved in any road rage.


Jan. 22 – Criminal Mischief (Fountains)

Edward Connor notified UPD of some broken items at the Fountains. Connor said he was walking in the common area of the Fountains dormitory when he found a broken “EXIT” sign and a broken ceiling light fixture. Patrol efforts have been suspended.