Batman: No More

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DC fans who adore the dark knight are going to be split over a new bit of controversial news. It has just been revealed that Matt Reeves “The Batman” has an official release date of June 25th, 2021. But surprisingly, Ben Affleck, the star who portrays the caped crusader, has been reported to have left the role entirely.

To understand how it has come to this I think it’s best to go back to the beginning to where it all started, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The hype for this film was at an all-time high as people finally get a chance to see the two greatest heroes in all of comics share the big screen. When news of Affleck’s casting became public, people were divided over the decision. Some said he was too old for the part while others said he didn’t have the acting chops to portray the world’s greatest detective. The film was released to mixed reviews, but to the surprise of most people, Affleck’s Batman has been widely praised. Being able to go from the playboy Bruce Wayne to a vigilante taking on the likes of Superman, it’s clear he was one of the best parts of the movie.

“Batfleck” grew to be a fan favorite in the comic book community, with many ranking him alongside the iconic portrayals of Kevin Conroy and Michael Keaton. Sadly, the films his character was in didn’t seem to reflect that, from his cameo in the reshot version of “Suicide Squad” to the troublesome production of “Justice League,” people have begun wondering when his solo film was coming out. Affleck himself intended to direct and star in it but found the task to be too much and has allowed director Matt Reeves to take the reigns while he would play the main lead.

After years of casting rumors and production delays only now do we finally get an official release date, but Affleck has reportedly stepped down from the role. This news aligns with the rumor that the film focuses on a younger version of the character, and it could also mean that Warner Brothers are slowly but surely de-emphasizing the shared universe and are focusing more on making films establishing other characters. Affleck is still involved as he is set to help produce the film.

I think the director plans to do a prequel film with a younger actor in the role, so Affleck could still play the character in future installments, but it’s still unfortunate that the actor won’t get to star in his own solo film. It’s still unknown how the future or how the film will play out, but it’s only a matter of time before someone else takes up the cape and cowl to be the franchise’s new Batman.

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