Spooky movies to stream


Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

It’s spooky season again, and if you have free time, you might be interested in watching a spooky movie. However, in today’s digital world, very few people are going to go out and rent or buy a dvd. Here’s a list of Halloween movies that are available to stream for free with a Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video subscription respectively.


    1. All the “Scream” movies
    2. “The Sixth Sense”
    3. “The Conjuring”
    4. “Insidious”
    5. “Coraline”


    1. “The Evil Dead” (1 & 2)
    2. “A Quiet Place”
    3. “Child’s Play”
    4. “Hellraiser”
    5. “Children of the Corn”

Prime Video:

    1. “Jigsaw”
    2. “Hereditary”
    3. “The Woman in Black”
    4. “The Girl Next Door”
    5. “Tales of Halloween”


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