Book claims cell phones aid learning


Cell phones have become unwelcome in most schools because of fears about cheating, distractions and the reality that some students have used them to take and spread inappropriate pictures.

But a new book written by an educator argues cell phones also are educational.

Cell phones can be a handy way for teachers to supplement their lessons, said Liz Kolb, an adjunct professor at Madonna University.

But before she can convince students, she has to get through to teachers.

Her book, “Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education,” was published by the International Society for Technology in Education and is geared toward educators. She provides a number of examples and tips for using cell phones.

Kolb said teachers can take advantage of cell phones on field trips, allowing students to snap pictures that can then be displayed in school.

Although some teachers might view cell phones as more disruptive than educational, others are embracing the technology.

Pat Sattler, a teacher and technology coordinator at St. Joseph School in Trenton, Mich., is sold on the use of cells in education.

“Anyone can do it,” Sattler said. “With a cell you can capture really any moment you want.”

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