Review: Warrior


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become a popular fighting sport with many people training and fighting in various tournaments. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) was born as a result of the growing popularity and need to see who would be the best in MMA. Warrior, directed by Gavin O’Connor, is a film that features some of the most intense fictional MMA fighting on the screen.
Warrior follows the story of two brothers: Tommy (played by Tom Hardy) and Brendan (played by Joel Edgerton). Each of them enters the Sparta Tournament to win the prize money for different reasons. As the clock to the tournament counts down, they’ll have to confront the past which set them apart.
The fighting in this film is truly intense, yet predictiable at times. The brutality that occurs within the octagon is nearly realistic. While the fighting is one part of the movie, it’s the actually story behind it that matters. The plot is pretty standard, but uses a well written script to shape it up. The musical score certainly sets the mood during the training, fighting, and the inspirational moments of the film. Also, the supporting cast does their job in helping the main actors to bring depth and dimension to their characters.
Tom Hardy makes Tommy seem more like a thug at first, but it’s only later on in the film that he shows more depth into the character and makes the audience sympathize with Tommy. Joel can clearly show a father figure, trying to make ends meet, being determined enough to risk everything in order to train hard and be the underdog. Nick Nolte, who plays the father of the two brothers, also brings to life a real character that fights his own demons while trying to rebuild a relationship with his estranged sons.
This is truly an intense film to watch when the fighting occurs. When it comes to the drama that unfolds, it allows the actors to really bring their characters to life. This is a film that is hard to rate at first since the main focus is on the fighting. In the end, looking at how the actors are compared with a good script and a powerful musical score, this film earns itself 4 stars out of 5. Warrior is one film you’d be proud to have spent $10 for a ticket on a friday night.