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10 tips for getting the best fall photos

Kathlene Lei Ruiz, Creative Services Intern

Autumn is the best time to get those crisp, moody and colorful photos that are nearly impossible to capture during any other season. Thanksgiving Break is coming up soon which means it’s time to take a lot of photos! Whether you’re going out of town for the holidays or staying home, here are ten photography tips to help you get the best fall photos. 

Find the Right Time

Daylight saving time ended this past weekend which means the sun rises and sets earlier in the day. Use this to your advantage by heading out to shoot during the early morning during sunrise. If you’re heading out in the evening, sunset is the perfect time for taking golden hour pictures. 


Photographing reflections in still water is one of the easiest ways to get eye-catching photos. The best thing about capturing nature is that it does most of the work for you! All you have to do is find a good location. If it’s windy out, make sure you’re using a small aperture and high shutter speed to get a crisp outcome. 


Take a walk in the woods, go for a stroll and explore places you’ve never been. Look for different patterns and textures in the area. If you’re shooting near a road or moving water, experiment with movement. It would also be helpful to bring a tripod with you for landscapes. 


Another great thing about autumn is the wildlife. During this time of the year, animals usually come out and begin preparing for winter. The best way to capture wildlife is to use a telephoto lens. Due to animals’ skittish behavior, you’ll want to use a fast lens. These types of lenses are great for low light situations as well. By using a telephoto lens, you won’t be required to get close to the animal and put yourself in any danger or risk scaring the animal.

Get Down Low

Plan on wearing something you don’t mind getting dirty because you’re going to want to get as close to the floor as possible. Experiment with angles from the ground, and capture some unique photos from that perspective.

Chase the Fog

Depending on your location and the weather, you can usually head out early to capture the morning fog. The mist will automatically create an ethereal and soft atmosphere to your photos. 

Embrace the Weather

Autumn can be a moody season. It can be sunny and gorgeous one day and then rainy and windy the next. It’s important to be adaptable. Use the weather to your advantage and take some amazing photos no matter the weather conditions! 

Focus on the Details

Don’t be afraid to get close to your subjects. Better yet, try using a macro lens for your camera to capture the finest details. 

Natural Framing

Experiment with different compositions by framing your photos with natural elements. You can use leaves, trees, branches, rocks, etc. By creating a frame around your subject, it makes the photo a lot more interesting.

Have fun with it

Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment. Don’t get too caught up in how your photos are supposed to look like. Trust your instinct and let your creativity flow!


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10 tips for getting the best fall photos