New Releases: Album review of Drunk Tank Pink

Ash Zapata, Volunteer DJ

            Drunk Tank Pink was a color that was known to calm aggressive behavior, it was used to varnish the walls of therapy rooms, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals alike. Lead singer Charlie Steen of Shame sat in his pink room after his first tour and wrote his second album about finishing the tour- the loneliness, the fatigue, and how it was for the first time. This album offers a raw view of self, and who we are at the core.

Album cover art for Drunk Tank Pink by Shame

Alphabet- An upbeat punk rock song. It’s super catchy and It seems to talk about how we are supposed to be cookie-cutter people. I think even further it alludes to the hardships bands go through on tour-no matter how tired you are, the show must go on.

Nigel Hitter- This track has a simple funky beat that allows the melody to also take part in the rhythm of the song. One of my personal favorites.

Born in Luton- This song is super “grainy” in a sense. The grit of the vocal filter and guitar sums up to an intense punk rock track. Toward the middle of the song the tempo draws back to a more simpler tune-minimal guitar and drums with strong vocals, it then goes back to the beginning. It has a powerful effect.

March Day- This track reminds me a bit of surf-rock with its shouting vocals and drum cadence. I could see it in an old 90s coming of age movie.

Water in the Well- This song was very repetitive, but it was a good middle track.

Snow Day- The intro is in the style of math-rock, but is met with spoken vocals by lead singer Charlie Steen. He is very emotional in his delivery, while the song is not my favorite, the pure emotion is very compelling.

Human, for a Minute- This song’s star is the bass line-it creates an eclectic feel. I personally love this track-if you like Muse or Arctic Monkeys-this track is for you.

Great Dog- Very post-punk. I loved this track, it is very angsty and would be a perfect track to listen to when you want to hype yourself up.

6/1- This track offers a duality of thoughts about oneself. The hate we bring upon ourselves, but also superiority we feel about ourselves also. “I hate myself but I love myself.”

Harsh Degrees- I didn’t really like this track, but I do note that it has alot going on instrumentally, so if you like very textured punk songs-I recommend.

Station Wagon- This track dips a little into psychedelic rock. I think it’s a good transition, considering the past few tracks were very upbeat and packed. It’s a long track-nearing seven minutes. It is poetic with different parts.


            Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this album. It was my first time hearing about Shame and I believe this was a great introduction. This being their second album, I think it is super well produced. Some standout tracks are Born in Luton, Nigel Hitter, and Human, for a Minute. I rate this album 4 out of 5 Spinnaker Sails.