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Opinions: Society should embrace care

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor July 24, 2020

They say in all circumstances there is a silver lining to be found.  2020 has not proved to be a fun year for anyone - Not for the professors who had to shift their entire focus into online courses,...

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336-hour bar

Austin Belet, Opinions editor September 26, 2019

There is one 14-day period that is perhaps one of the strangest habits in American work culture that I have experienced in my life: the time between submitting a two week notice and properly leaving a...

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Opinions: Stay Safe, Ospreys

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor September 2, 2019

For those of us who have resided in the state of Florida since we were kids, hurricanes often spelled out days of adventure, braving the wind and the rain of an ecological terror passing or passing through...

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A gross display of inhumanity

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor August 23, 2019

“It’s going to happen again.” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said these words in a recent presentation in defense of the Guardian Program that the state had implemented in 2018.  The...

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Opinions: 2 scrolls, at a glance

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor August 12, 2019

Content Warning: This article contains content that may provoke certain groups of people.  Within a week, our country has experienced three mass shootings that have captivated public attention. 36...

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Everyone’s Got One

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor July 18, 2019

As the Opinions Editor at Spinnaker, one of my more recent goals has been to expand the perspectives showcased in the “opinions” section of our organization.  I know that my pieces are biased,...

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Opinion: How Do We Stop It?

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor July 8, 2019

Whether you are in the warm tropical climate of Cocoa Beach or the swampy underbelly of Gainesville, one thing Floridians love the most is our climate. Sure, we complain about the humidity sometimes and...

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OPINION: A poll-tax in sheep’s clothing

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor May 22, 2019

Does anyone remember Ben & Jerry’s handing out ice cream on the Green last November? If you do, you might just remember they were doing so to try and turn out the vote on Amendment 4; the amendment...

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OPINION: Extremely wicked response

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor May 15, 2019

One of the latest movies blowing up on social media has been the biographical crime thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. For those who may be unaware, this movie is the recapturing of the...

OPINION: What we couldnt imagine

OPINION: What we couldn’t imagine

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor May 8, 2019

Growing up I knew I was different. I knew that what everyone considered “normal” wasn’t necessarily how I felt. When someone would make gay jokes or make fun of someone for the same reason, I felt...

OPINION: Hiring a Leader

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor April 26, 2019

Throughout this semester I have been steeped in the political chaos surrounding Brexit. I have had to pay attention to what the UK and Europe are asking for, how Prime Minister May is handling the situation,...

Game of Thrones

OPINION: What’s the Hype?

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor April 19, 2019

Game of Thrones has finally started up once more after almost two years of waiting. Two whole years. And we only got 54 minutes to start with. Now for those of you who don’t know why we, the fans,...

The library is handing out buttons supporting individuals right to read. Photo by Hannah Lee

OPINION: Bundo’s Bounty and the Untold Story of Challenged Books

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor April 10, 2019

In a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver bit aired on March 18, 2018, John Oliver announced the release of the show's book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. This actual children’s book is about a rabbit...

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Opinion: Impressive Imposters

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor April 9, 2019

As the semester creeps towards its end, many of us are facing more and more projects that bear more and more weight on our grade. Whether it’s massive experiments that we need to provide deep analysis...

D&D Dice

OPINION: Role of Role-play

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor April 2, 2019

Noted Dungeons and Dragons player Justin McElroy is quoted in the first episode of popular DnD podcast The Adventure Zone as saying “I think for a lot of people Dungeons & Dragons was the last bastion...

President Donald Trump holds up an executive order requiring colleges to certify that their policies support free speech as a condition of receiving federal research grants, after signing, Thursday March 21, 2019, in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

OPINION: Free Speech and College

Austin Belet, Opinons Writer March 25, 2019

Just this Thursday, President Trump held a press conference discussing the “attack” of freedom of speech on college campuses, and the executive order he was signing in defense. Freedom of speech...

The Atlantic Beach Primary Election is on Aug. 29. Photo by Hannah Lee

OPINION: First Coast Frenzy

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer March 22, 2019

Election day has come and gone here on the First Coast, though the sun has hardly set on the Mayor or the direction he has been moving in. Democrats have seen a ridiculously low turnout even when comparing...

Photo by Facebook.

OPINION: Youth Matters

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer March 19, 2019

Out of 64 candidates for our municipal election cycle, only 9 are running that are under the age of forty. We live in a generation of people who have grown up with more information and more access...

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Opinion: Banking on Syllabi

Austin Belet, Opinons Writer March 12, 2019

Though we are midway through the semester, I want you to reminisce with me about the anxiety that creeps in your soul as we approach a new semester. Recall, for a moment, the hesitation in purchasing textbooks...

Photo by Alex Wilson

OPINION: Chick-fil-a is trash

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer March 9, 2019

Like, okay, the actual food is decent. It has a nice spice palate, it’s often very juicy, and no one does waffle fries quite the same way. It’s super convenient for us to swing through between classes...

Students have until Wednesday at 6 p.m. to vote for Student Government. Photo by Morgan Purvis

OPINON: SG Elections are important and you should vote

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer March 6, 2019

UNF has started our elections to choose our new student body president and vice president today, but do any of us really care? No, not really, but we absolutely should. There is a small group of...

Student Government Debate.

OPINION: SG Presidential Ponderance

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer March 1, 2019

Hey everyone, there is an election happening. No, not just the municipal stuff happening outside our bubble, but an election to decide which of our students will be advocating for us and spending our...

Some animals stay during hurricanes. Photo by Alex Morman

Opinion: God Awful Geese

Austin Belet, Opinions Reporter February 20, 2019

You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot them. No not Shia LaBeouf, but in fact it is geese. The dreaded bird that is only...

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OPINION: Get registered for local elections

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer February 16, 2019

Feb. 19 is the final day to register for the Duval County municipal elections, set to be held on March 19. This election is going to entail local positions from Mayor all the way down to City Council...

Courtesy of Aisling Glocke.

OPINION: The Emergency Alert System Failed

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer February 12, 2019

On Feb. 11 UNF alerted faculty and students of a potential gunman on campus. UNFPD and JSO responded, surrounding the arena parking garage and clearing the area. Students and staff were told to hunker...

OPINION: Black History Month is still important

OPINION: Black History Month is still important

Austin Belet, Opinons Writer February 9, 2019

For many of us, Black History Month was the normal February routine: our elementary school would bring out pictures of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. and explain to us the exceptional impact their...

President Donald Trump

OPINION: State of our disunion

Austin Belet, Opinions Writer February 6, 2019

The State of The Union Address of 2019 has been delivered and the traditional Trump taglines have been delivered with it. On one hand, I heard several things from the President that I can get behind;...

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