OPINION: What’s the Hype?

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor

Game of Thrones has finally started up once more after almost two years of waiting.

Two whole years. And we only got 54 minutes to start with.

Now for those of you who don’t know why we, the fans, are so committed, allow me to explain:

Starting in 2011, the world was introduced to the honorable house Stark, the slimy house Lannister, and the ostracized house Targaryen. We were immersed in a world of high fantasy and of people asserting their own claim to a chair made of swords. As this story would develop, those of us who hadn’t read the books would either go and get them or lean on those who had.

HBO has created one of the most fascinating worlds to have graced television in a long time and has been able to encapsulate the lore and frustrations of living in Westeros. So what exactly is the hype? I believe it has to deal with the same detail that we grew to love about the Harry Potter series.

GoT has established this cult-like following that has been maybe the most dedicated and betrayed fandom of all time, and they love it.

Between pushing a child out of a tower on episode one, killing off literally everyone’s favorite character within nine episodes, killing and reviving everyone’s second favorite character, and knowing that no one is safe – especially now that there are only five episodes left.

This kind of entertainment torture is what we all have paid (or stolen login information) for, we are wanting to learn more. We must know who sits on the Iron Throne, we need to know whether or not the White Walkers will win, and most importantly who is Gendry’s mom?

Through an elaborate weaving of storylines, Game of Thrones has built a world that we crave to know more and more about. It isn’t exactly easy to get into, but once you do you’re stuck. For those who aren’t in on the series, you should. For those who are, well we are in it together at this point.


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