Everyone’s Got One

Austin Belet, Opinions Editor

As the Opinions Editor at Spinnaker, one of my more recent goals has been to expand the perspectives showcased in the “opinions” section of our organization. 

I know that my pieces are biased, I get that, but frankly that is the point. Opinions offered to outlets such as Spinnaker, for publishing, are a brilliant way to be able to help amplify your own take on public affairs, pop-culture or just trying to offer general advice to the public. 

At Spinnaker, I have been privileged to be able to read our submission pieces; that being said I also have been able to read the same pieces repeatedly from the same authors. 

A proper news outlet ensures that we have a vast array of ideas and stories on display. Spinnaker is working towards this goal every day. We are trying our best to hit this mark. Sure, we can use some help sometimes, but that is the point of this piece you are currently reading. 

Think of this particular piece as a “help wanted” of sorts. 

If you look back on some of the pieces I have written for our Opinions section, you can likely figure out my leanings pretty quickly. I have no shame in broadcasting my message as a writer, but as an editor it is incumbent on me to broaden the horizon on what we are publishing and actively search for people’s voices for our outlet. 

Our editorial room has made it clear to each other that we don’t just want the same voices, we want more. The perceived slant of our outlet doesn’t satisfy the editors and we want to rectify it.

Consider this my apology for the Opinions section, but also consider this the challenge.  

I need UNF students help. I need the religiously affiliated and the religiously opposed, democrats and republicans, citizens and immigrants, people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and those who don’t want to exist in any particular box. I need literally anyone who wants to say something that they feel the need to broadcast to reach out. 

How do you do it? Send it in an email. You can send it to the editor or just send it to mine if you want. [email protected] 

Everyone has a unique expression of the world around them. Everyone has a story to tell. Take this opportunity to tell it.