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Campus prepares for an influx of freshmen residents

Ava Rivera August 1, 2012
Incoming freshmen are now required to stay on-campus, but students can put in an appeal to live off-campus if they have financial issues or are over the age of 21, said Dei Allard, interim director of residence life. Freshmen who lived on campus during the summer sessions took advantage of the activities and events offered through Osprey Productions and Housing.

UNF students and alumni act out to bring the community together

Ava Rivera July 19, 2012
UNF students and a UNF alumna are participating the the play “North Star," which will play Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21 at 7:30 pm in the Combined Gospel Christian Church at 1951 Blanding Blvd.

Three students aim to help others navigate campus with map application

Ava Rivera July 10, 2012
Lost on campus? There will soon be an app for that. Three UNF computer science students are working on Osprey Flight Path, an application that helps students navigate campus.

Lumagrove seeks balance of live and electronic music

Ava Rivera June 24, 2012

Lumagrove, a duo made of UNF students, set the stage June 14 at the 1904 bar motivated to change the way people view electronic music. Ryan Tinney, an electronic media senior, contributes the drums...

Upset for UNF pole vaulter starts final NCAA East Regional day

Ava Rivera May 27, 2012
The final day of the NCAA East Regional Track and Field Championship kicked off with an upset for one UNF pole vault athlete Saturday morning. David Shepherd, a UNF sophomore, cleared 5.02 meters but did not qualify for the national championship.

UNF’s Brianna Frazier to race in track national championship

Ava Rivera May 26, 2012
Fans filled the stands at UNF’s Hodges Stadium Friday night to see some of the fastest track athletes compete in the NCAA East Regional track meet.

UNF Health Promotions proposes smoke-free campus

Ava Rivera April 9, 2012

By: Ava Rivera, Contributing Writer The Health Promotions Department held a tobacco attitude survey during the Fall 2011 semester. According to Mike Kennedy, assistant director of the Health Promotions...

Calahoney flies to Jacksonville

Ava Rivera April 8, 2012
Calahoney moves from Miami to Jacksonville with its blues and rock fusion.

So, what’s your story? Selling comics puts him at peace

Ava Rivera March 22, 2012
The comic convention that stops by campus multiple times a term enjoys a dedicated comic book fanatic as its creator.

Incident occurs before U.S. Department of Justice revises legal definition of sexual assault

Ava Rivera March 7, 2012
Battery incident on campus raises questions of male victim reporting.
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