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All content by Bradley Segarra
Crash Bandicoot game.

Review: Crash Bandicoot

Bradley Segarra, Reporter August 2, 2023

A way to go out with a bang for these gaming critiques is none other than Crash Bandicoot — the marsupial himself is a legend to discuss. Crash was a mascot for the PlayStation back in the day. He was...

Ape Escape Game.

Review: PS1 Ape Escape

Bradley Segarra, Reporter July 26, 2023

For this game critique, Ape Escape for the PlayStation 1 comes to mind. This is quite a cult classic for those in the late 90s. What I can say from my experience with this game is that it was a total mess....

Ratchet & Clank game.

Review: Gear up with Sony’s popular duo in Ratchet & Clank

Bradley Segarra, Reporter July 10, 2023

When talking about Sony and PlayStation, the game Ratchet and Clank comes to mind. The version that will be covered for this critique will specifically be the PlayStation 2 version, released in 2002.  Ratchet...

Luigis Mansion game.

Luigi’s Mansion review: Home is where the haunt is

Bradley Segarra, Reporter June 14, 2023

Luigi’s Mansion is a Nintendo Gamecube game. Originally a much scarier game, it was a 2001 bestseller for the GameCube.  It had to tone down the horror elements due to it being a Mario game. This...

The cover of Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus.

Review: Sly Cooper is such a steal it’s criminal!

Bradley Segarra, Reporter May 30, 2023

Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus is a PlayStation 2 game. It is the first installment of the Sly Cooper series. In a world of animals, it is a Robin-Hood type of setting. Sly Cooper is a racoon thief...

Sonic Adventure DX.

Return to Sonic Adventure DX or not? A review

Bradley Segarra, Reporter May 23, 2023

Sonic Adventure DX is a Sonic game for the GameCube and is a remake of the Dreamcast version of the original game. It is mostly a single-player platformer game that relies on speed, depending on the character...

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