Return to Sonic Adventure DX or not? A review

Bradley Segarra, Reporter

Sonic Adventure DX is a Sonic game for the GameCube and is a remake of the Dreamcast version of the original game. It is mostly a single-player platformer game that relies on speed, depending on the character that you play. 

A total of five characters are offered in the game. Sonic is the main man himself, Tails is the flying sidekick, Knuckles is the stubborn straight man, Amy is a lovesick hedgehog, Big is the gentle but gigantic feline and Gamma is the complicated robot. The main villain of the game is Dr. Ivo Robotnik (later named Eggman), or so the game thinks. 

A monster with powerful stones labeled as the Chaos Emeralds is simply named Chaos. Robotnik tries to gather the emeralds to power up the monster and destroy society to make his own. 

Character development mostly comes to Tails, as he knows that there are things he must do to show his bravery when Sonic is not around. Some of the stories connect to each other, such as Knuckles trying to receive parts of Master Emerald, which Chaos has bitten parts of to gain his power. 

Another story that connects to each other is between Sonic and Amy. The two hedgehogs are destined to be in a loving relationship, though Sonic is quite embarrassed to be with her and bails out. When Amy gets captured by one of Dr. Robotnik’s robots, Sonic must head out to save her. Upon being held captive, the hedgehog girl meets Gamma. 

The robot demands she hands over her bird friend (Tails) since he shares a connection to the Chaos Emeralds. With heavy judgment, Amy convinces Gamma to release them from captivity. Sonic tries to beat up the robot, but Amy intervenes, claiming that Gamma is good. 

Sonic Adventure DX. (Spinnaker)

Things take a turn for the worse when Chaos transforms into a near-complete state to attack our heroes. With the help of Big the Cat, Sonic and Knuckles brawl out with the monster. Although their stories have been completed and their interactions were simple, it all pays off in Last Story. 

Chaos has become Perfect Chaos, unleashing destruction on Station Square and even defying Robotnik’s orders. 

Thanks to the assistance of the other main characters, Sonic transforms into his super form to stop the water beast. Soon, Tikal, who is an old friend of Chaos, comes to help Sonic. She calms down the monster and they begin to vanish. 

A heavy moment of silence occurs. Eggman is seen floating away, with the hedgehog following him. After some time, Tails speaks an ironic saying, reflecting the state of Station Square. 

Overall, the game’s story was quite neat to witness and experience. It reminds players of when Sonic was at his peak— when he competed against his competitor, Mario. 

The controls are smooth, especially with the speed. Gameplay-wise, Big the Cat is frustrating. Enough said. The extra content given in this remake shows that it is not just a one-on-one port but a definitive remake.

Looking back at this game, it has brought back some memories. 

Most of them were worth remembering due to the unique gameplay styles I have witnessed with playing the game. Even running through the hub worlds throughout the levels is a delight to see. 

It also cannot be a critique of the game without mentioning the Chao Garden. I might not have grown up with the game during its release due to me not being born yet, but I can understand how people obsess with this fun hobby. 

Not to mention that the music that the game contains is quite exhilarating. It is a phenomenal treat to listen to. 

Regarding the negatives, I would have to address that there are a few minor glitches the game could trigger, though this could be because they exist in a certain version of the game, hence the GameCube release. I was not a fan of Big the Cat’s gameplay, and who would be?

Fishing can be frustrating at times, but this is an all-time low. Trying to fish for a frog in the water is one of the most ridiculous things in a video game. Other video games like Legend of Zelda executed the fishing minigame trope in a better manner. 

For gamers out there if you want to give this game a try, I recommend buying the Steam release. With the help of mods, this would be the true way to play Sonic Adventure.


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