UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

All content by Eduardo Santos

Spinnaker’s Crist vs. Scott policy breakdown

October 30, 2014

Before you vote on Nov. 4, here is a basic breakdown of the various policy positions from incumbent republican governor, Rick Scott and the democratic candidate, Charlie Crist. This is not a political...

A beer guide for the drinking osprey

October 28, 2014

In order to join in on the beer celebrations during the month of October, I went on a tour of Jacksonville’s better known microbreweries, sampling their most famous offerings to provide the drinking...

UNF and JU scientists partner to monitor river health

August 25, 2014

A continued research partnership between the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University monitors the St. Johns River, providing an opportunity for cooperation between the two institutions....

Journalism students hope to cover One Spark Berlin

August 20, 2014

Local media outlets and UNF students gathered today at Hemming Plaza to participate in #IgniteMedia’s fundraising event for their trip to Berlin. UNF communications students formed #IgniteMedia...

Caught on camera: UNFPD to use wearable video recorders

July 25, 2014

The University of North Florida Police Department will outfit their officers with Wearable Video Recorders (WVRs). Officers will use these devices to record encounters such as traffic stops, disturbance...

On-campus Pita Pit tucks the bad in with the good

July 11, 2014

The Osprey Clubhouse recently opened, giving students that live across the big wooden bridge to the Fountains many of the same amenities available there. With the addition of a pool, game room, and convenience...

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