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Column: Paul Ryan is essential to voter choice

Jeff Hoayun August 23, 2012
Mitt Romney has finally revealed his pick for Vice President to be Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee. The fact that Romney chose Ryan for VP speaks volumes for what Romney’s campaign strategy will be in the final months leading up to the election.

The internet-free experience

Jeff Hoayun August 10, 2012
Inspired by an ongoing blog/experiment by Senior Editor Paul Miller of technology news website The Verge, Spinnaker Opinions Columnist Jeff Hoayun subjects himself to a work week sans-internet. Read on to find out how he discovered reading, biking and nostalgia all within 5 days.

Kotaku, where video game news goes to be buried

Jeff Hoayun July 31, 2012
Originally, this was going to be a sophisticated and nuanced opinion piece regarding the ills of the video game journalism industry, and how Kotaku is a reflection of all these things. But then I began thinking that maybe the comparison doesn’t work so well using Kotaku.

Piccadilly Circus visits UNF

Jeff Hoayun July 30, 2012
Parents and children gathered in front of the UNF Arena Thursday when the Piccadilly Circus made its stop in Jacksonville. While activists held vigil outside, holding signs spreading the message of animal cruelty dealt by the circus, attendees streamed into the arena.

UNF Interfaith Center introduces Campus 4 Community

Jeff Hoayun July 17, 2012
UNF’s Interfaith Center will launch Campus 4 Community, a program aimed at allowing students of all faiths to gather in celebration of major religious holidays throughout the year.

We Might Be Getting A Little Too Comfy with Big Storms

Jeff Hoayun June 22, 2012

We’re barely through with the first month of the hurricane season, and already, we have a fourth storm by the name of Debby brewing in the gulf. And I worry how prepared we will be. Last month,...

The death of a shopping mall

Jeff Hoayun June 15, 2012

I live in Arlington and absolutely adore the Regency Square Mall. Yes, I adore the mall known for its shootings, rampant shoplifting and roving bands of unscrupulous-looking youths. But as a...

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