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All content by Jessica Harden

Bob Woodward talks journalism and politics

Jessica Harden January 27, 2014

Standing in front of a more-than-sold-out crowd, Bob Woodward captivated his audience. No politician was safe from his remarks as he shared stories from his years in journalism. Woodward is a two-time...

UNF student art exhibition on campus this spring

Jessica Harden January 15, 2014
“There’s a great variety of ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography. It’s everything... It really shows what the students are doing,” Amara McMann, coordinator of the UNF art galleries, said.

Deaf, not mute

Jessica Harden November 26, 2013
The Spinnaker sat down with members of the Deaf community to learn more about the extensive Deaf culture on campus.

Governer Rick Scott visits UNF

Jessica Harden September 13, 2013
Governor Rick Scott came to UNF campus Sept. 11 as part of his “It’s Your Money” Tax Cut Tour.

Interview with Corey Smith

Jessica Harden September 3, 2013
S: Tell me about your craziest experience on tour. CS: I’ve got bit… After meeting with fans I was getting my picture made with this lady and she was drunk and she reached over and bit me, and drew blood. So I had a big bite mark I had to explain to my wife, “You’re not gonna believe this, but I actually got bit”.

Holi celebrated on campus

Jessica Harden April 1, 2013
“This festival is the Holi Festival, it’s called the Festival of Color, and basically we’re celebrating how good defeats evil during any time.” Khushbu Mistry, a junior at UNF, biology major

Orender speaks at forum

Jessica Harden April 1, 2013

“Should I sing the song? No, you all know what song I'm talking about.” Donna Orender stands at the podium. “What song?” An audience members calls out. For a second the room is silent....

Interfaith chapel coming to campus

Jessica Harden January 22, 2013

Despite protests by some students, UNF is moving ahead with plans to bring an interfaith chapel to campus. The chapel will be located behind the Herbert University Center. A final design is not...

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