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All content by Jessica Harden

Bob Woodward talks journalism and politics

January 27, 2014

Standing in front of a more-than-sold-out crowd, Bob Woodward captivated his audience. No politician was safe from his remarks as he shared stories from his years in journalism. Woodward is a two-time...

UNF student art exhibition on campus this spring

January 15, 2014

Exhibition goers can expect a wide range of art styles and pieces from 44 of UNF’s own at UNF’s Art & Design Student Juried Annual Exhibition. The Exhibition will display a total of 64 art pieces...

Deaf, not mute

November 26, 2013

A large group sits together in Starbucks. The Deaf people are loud. The hearing people are quiet. They’re all signing. Outsiders look in on this unusual scene. This is the scene of the silent coffee...

Governer Rick Scott visits UNF

September 13, 2013

Governor Rick Scott came to UNF campus Sept. 11 as part of his “It’s Your Money” Tax Cut Tour. Scott also participated in the Seventh Annual Caring Community Conference discussing the Patient...

Interview with Corey Smith

September 3, 2013

Spinnaker reporter Jessica Harden sat down with country singer Corey Smith before his concert and asked him questions about his life and his music. The answers may surprise some. The interview below...

Holi celebrated on campus

April 1, 2013

Someone counted down from three and fistfuls of color filled the air. This was a part of the Holi Festival, put on by the Osprey South Asian Association, OSSA, on March 30. The program included...

Orender speaks at forum

April 1, 2013

“Should I sing the song? No, you all know what song I'm talking about.” Donna Orender stands at the podium. “What song?” An audience members calls out. For a second the room is silent....

Interfaith chapel coming to campus

January 22, 2013

Despite protests by some students, UNF is moving ahead with plans to bring an interfaith chapel to campus. The chapel will be located behind the Herbert University Center. A final design is not...

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