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Beeline: It’s getting harder and harder to play defense in the NFL


November 17, 2010

Imagine trying to do a job but your boss is making everything about it impossible. That has got to be how NFL defenders are feeling. Over the year, the league has made it more and more difficult to play defense by making rule...

Bruisin and cruisin with the one and only, Jacksonville RollerGirls


October 12, 2010

Most nationally recognized athletes get paid extraordinarily well to take hits, absorb bruises and mend the occasional broken bones of their sport. The Jacksonville RollerGirls, however, pay for the privilege. And they do...

Studying abroad may improve chances of securing a job


May 7, 2009

A background in foreign cultures through the study abroad programs may help students who often realize that being hired is a greater challenge now than it has ever been since the Great Depression. Besides the changing economy, ...

Campus sanctuary on the way

February 25, 2009

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Mauricio Gonzalez