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January 19, 2011

Pete’s sweet offerings make the fourth meal serious


January 7, 2010

  It’s a likely situation arising in your “college career.” After getting down all night at the club, you find that you and your party of sweaty comrades are starving -- like, really salivating for something fresh,...

Treaty Oak brings together the sun-bathed for “Movies in the Park”


May 5, 2009

Well folks, school is out and your skin is already fried from immediately over-heating it at the beach. All you can think about is finding a shady refuge so your skin can solace. Luckily, San Marco’s most cherished hardwoo...

UNF grad brings burritos to San Marco community

Joseph Basco

April 8, 2009

San Marco is a trendy neighborhood known for its upscale boutiques and delicious eateries. And UNF graduate Alejandro Juarez, 30, plans to enhance the area further by opening a new restaurant there by the end of April. HighTide B...

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