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All content by Joseph Basco

Editorial: Ain’t no Sunshine in this school

Joseph Basco July 18, 2012
Quite honestly, other than the board’s approval of the controversial 15 percent tuition differential increase (which the Board of Governors approved, but decreased to 13 percent on June 21), the BOT rarely creates any controversy. But then the BOT abused their power by violating Florida’s Sunshine Law during the June 19 main, or plenary, meeting.

Editorial: Like a zombie, the Spinnaker refuses to die

Joseph Basco June 15, 2012

“You only live twice - or so it seems - one life for yourself and one for your dreams.” -Nancy Sinatra Welcome back, regular readers of the Spinnaker. We missed you grabbing issues out of the blue...

UNF Brooks College of Health School of Nursing investigating cheating scandal

Joseph Basco April 20, 2012

By Matt Head, Josh Whitson and Joseph Basco The UNF Brooks College of Health’s School of Nursing are investigating a cheating scandal regarding a test. The Spinnaker confirmed the incident...

A UNF criminal justice student learns MMA for discipline, not fame

Joseph Basco April 18, 2012

There are two roads a martial artist can take: a hard path toward discipline or an easy life of aggressive bravado. One UNF student, Matt Archangel, chooses theformer. “We don’t train each...

UNF Foundation begins transparency of its endowment fund

Joseph Basco April 9, 2012
Campus “task force” brings light to the issue after release of 2010 report.

No Meat March Experience: Week 4

Joseph Basco April 6, 2012

By: Joseph Basco, News Editor I am growing tired of this experience, literally. As the days go by, I feel lifeless and lethargic. There are only so many vegetarian options at eateries. This No Meat...

UNF anthropology professor, students seek old Spanish mission in Georgia excavation

Joseph Basco April 4, 2012
Although the mission remains undiscovered, students gain hands-on experience

BOG Budget and Finance Committee rejects UNF’s Academic Enhancement Fee

Joseph Basco March 22, 2012

Presidents from universities across the state proposed fees for their respective institutions for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year during the Florida Board of Governors Budget and Finance Committee meeting...

No Meat March Experience

Joseph Basco March 21, 2012

No Meat March Experience Weeks 2 and 3 Joseph Basco, News Editor I began week two without breakfast. I contemplated the limited selection of vegetarian choices at Outtakes in Osprey Plaza. The enticing-sounding...

"No Meat March" Experience Week 1

Joseph Basco March 20, 2012
Two Spinnaker editors attempt to make it through March sans-meat. Check out each experience!

SG spring election candidates talk first day turnout

Joseph Basco March 7, 2012

By: Joseph Basco, News Editor   UNF students at the library and Osprey Plaza voted for the next student body president and vice president March 6 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students lined...

Moderate Green Party hopes to win the spring election by communicating with students

Joseph Basco March 1, 2012
Moderate Green Party candidates John Fails and Philip Sabado share their views on Student Government and the student body.

The Moderate Green Party announces candidacy for Student Body President

Joseph Basco February 22, 2012
Red Party candidate Carlo Fassi will have a run for his money against Moderate Green Party candidate John Fails. Read on to learn more about him.

UNF receives $10,000 scholarship check from the FDOT

Joseph Basco February 8, 2012
Money will be given to two civil engineering graduate students for research.

UNF SG Committee approves Activity and Service Fee budget

Joseph Basco February 3, 2012
Budget to be passed to the senate Feb. 13.

John King Q&A

Joseph Basco February 2, 2012
The CNN host discusses Jacksonville, presidential nomination races and journalism.

How security from other colleges handled a GOP debate

Joseph Basco January 26, 2012
Two colleges from different states encountered little to no incidents

The GOP Debate Primer

Joseph Basco January 18, 2012
Got any questions about the upcoming GOP debate on campus? The Spinnaker has you covered with information you need to know, from parking to restricted areas.

SOPA only favors the rich, does not stop piracy

Joseph Basco January 18, 2012
The Stop Online Piracy Act only favors the rich and famous.

Update: UPD finishes internal investigation after UNF student files complaint

Joseph Basco January 17, 2012
UPD recently conduced an internal investigation after a UNF student filed a complaint. He and his brother said UPD used racial profiling and police brutality in a Taser incident in September.

Police Beat, Jan. 11

Joseph Basco January 17, 2012

Jan. 5 Sick Person (University Center) – A UPD sergeant assisted Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Engine Unit 50 in responding to a person needing rescue. The person was waiting with a group of...

Best of Police Beat Fall 2011

Joseph Basco December 1, 2011

Aug. 24 Battery (Osprey Landing) – A student and friend left a dorm room and ran into the friend’s girlfriend – the suspect – in the hallway. The suspect was upset and muttered obscenities at the...

Police Beat Nov. 30

Joseph Basco November 30, 2011

Check out the Best of Police Beat of Fall 2011 LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center, has offered The Spinnaker...

News in Briefs Nov. 30

Joseph Basco November 30, 2011

Spring 2012 election dates and times set Students will be able to vote for Student Government officials, including student body president and vice president, in the spring 2012 election from 9 a.m....

State, Nation, World

Joseph Basco November 16, 2011
Florida executes man by lethal injection, Zuccotti Park reopens after protestors leave, Philippines and China dispute territory, and more...

Police Beat November 9th – 14th

Joseph Basco November 16, 2011

Nov. 9 Bicycle Theft (Osprey Fountains) – The victim said she left her bicycle near a fence by the pool Nov. 8. The victim did not lock her bicycle to the fence. The next morning, she went outside and...

Marijuana legalization sentiment reaches an all-time high

Joseph Basco November 16, 2011
PUFF PUFF PASS - More than 60 percent of UNF students want marijuana legalized. A similar percentage of students smoke it. Read about how the Federal government spends billions of dollars annually keeping the ganja away from U.S. citizens.

The Spinnaker Guide to Black Friday

Joseph Basco November 16, 2011
THE HUNT FOR SHOPPING DEALS - Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and the decline of civilization.

Experts debate the problems and solutions of alcohol abuse

Joseph Basco November 9, 2011
21 IS JUST A NUMBER. The Spinnaker analyzes both sides of the legal drinking age debate.

Police Beat Nov. 9

Joseph Basco November 9, 2011

Oct. 31 Snack Food Theft (Osprey Cove) – A UPD officer was conducting a property check of Building V, where the officer observed damage to the glass of a vending machine in the laundry room. The glass...

News in Brief

Joseph Basco November 2, 2011

By Dargan Thompson The parking advisory council voted Oct. 28 to merge parking permits for the first floor garage and designated spots into one permit for faculty and staff. Matthew Yost, vice chair...

Intoxicated UNF students go to a rehabilitation center for detoxification

Joseph Basco November 2, 2011
THEY TRIED TO MAKE ME GO TO REHAB - UNF students are likely to go to rehab if intoxicated on campus.

Police Beat Oct. 25th – Oct. 30th

Joseph Basco November 2, 2011

Oct. 25 Bicycle Theft (Osprey Cove) – The victim said he secured his bicycle in the courtyard next to Building U Oct. 23 at noon. When he returned Oct. 25 at 8 a.m., his bicycle and lock were gone. The...

News in Brief Nov. 2

Joseph Basco November 2, 2011

Parking council creates a new faculty and staff permit The parking advisory council voted Oct. 28 to merge parking permits for the first floor garage and designated spots into one permit for faculty...

Building new homes for unfortunate bats

Joseph Basco October 26, 2011
‘Bat houses, Mr. Wayne’ - UNF’s bat houses store the campus’ nocturnal winged creature population.

UNF a cappella group woos anime convention attendees

Joseph Basco October 26, 2011
VIDEO GAME MUSIC SANS INSTRUMENTS? - UNF a cappella group Sound Bytes performs anime and video game music at EXP Con.

Housing rental rates for fall 2012 finalized

Joseph Basco October 26, 2011
Average rental rate increased 3 percent

Police Beat Oct. 26

Joseph Basco October 26, 2011

Oct. 17 Mobile Phone Theft (Building 58E) – The victim said he went to the bathroom on the third floor of the Student Union East Building and left his phone on top of a toilet paper dispenser. Twenty...

Nation World Oct. 19

Joseph Basco October 21, 2011
Tibetan nun sets herself on fire in protest

Police Beat Oct. 19

Joseph Basco October 21, 2011

Oct. 10 Marijuana (Cove) – A complainant told a UPD officer he went inside his room and found a clear bag containing marijuana. He said the marijuana may have been left by his roommate. The marijuana...

Protesters occupy Hemming Plaza in Downtown Jacksonville

Joseph Basco October 12, 2011
“We are the 99 percent.” Jacksonville recently joined the Occupy Together movement.

Police Beat Oct. 12

Joseph Basco October 12, 2011

Oct. 3 Marijuana (Cove) – An officer smelled marijuana from a room at Osprey Cove Building U and made contact with the two room residents. The officer entered the room and asked them about the lingering...

From pens to pixels: a look at UNF’s gaming culture

Joseph Basco October 12, 2011
Generation VG - Find out about those who play video games for hours and hours, whether in the game room or elsewhere.

That’s not your deal, that’s not my deal or: We are the 51 percent

Joseph Basco October 12, 2011
But let me tell you a sobering fact. Less than 50 percent of undergraduates complete college at UNF within four years.

Police Beat Sept. 25th – Oct. 1

Joseph Basco October 6, 2011
Police Beat Sept. 25th - Oct. 1

A pirate ship soars through the air

Joseph Basco October 5, 2011
A team of former UNF students patch together an airborne pirate ship.

Osprey Productions cancels Pablo Francisco comedy show

Joseph Basco September 23, 2011
Inclement weather conditions delayed Pablo Francisco’s arrival to Jacksonville, OP director said.

Beers in the classroom

Joseph Basco September 21, 2011
The UNF Division of Continuing Education gives folks the to opportunity to learn about craft beer. Jax Beach Engine 15 co-owner Luch Scremin serves as the professor.

Art professor expands students’ photo perceptions

Joseph Basco September 14, 2011
One UNF photography professor doesn’t stop at the close of the shutter, and he won’t let his students stop there, either.

Dance team auditions with high velocity

Joseph Basco September 11, 2011

Anyone can dance -- but it takes patience, guts and intensity to step up to the professional level. For those willing to take the plunge, auditions for the UNF Velocity Dance Team start Sept. 10. Missy...

UNF education graduates’ students pass the FCAT

Joseph Basco September 2, 2011
UNF graduates placed first among Florida public school graduates in producing students that pass the FCAT

UNF grad brings burritos to San Marco community

Joseph Basco April 8, 2009

San Marco is a trendy neighborhood known for its upscale boutiques and delicious eateries. And UNF graduate Alejandro Juarez, 30, plans to enhance the area further by opening a new restaurant there by...

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