Author: Jason Howard

Ben Saunders is a freshman English major.
Photo by Jason Howard

Curious Reporter

Ben Saunders Freshman English Q: Have you been impacted by the Federal Government shutdown? A: I think it’s sad and indicative of our political landscape, that it’s got so bad. I haven’t been personally impacted but the grader in one of my classes is furloughed and a couple of my […]

Photo courtesy of Skydive Space Center

Skydiving event continues to take off

  Networking has become one of the biggest buzzwords since phones started vibrating on our table tops. There are many ways to network; like luncheons and picnics or dinner parties, but these would not do for the Association of Fundraising Professionals and UNF Alumni Association. They thought bigger. They thought […]

One of the BMX performers gets some big air off a jump. 
photo by Sean Patterson

BMX group shows off tricks on campus

Bicycles are one of the world’s most popular modes of transportation. The bicycle is real people power; it’s just you and the machine. BMX bikes, however, differ from the average bike. These bikes are like your short, stout cousin that wrestled in high school only after learning he wouldn’t grow […]