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Reading Radio receives $4000 from North Florida sorority Delta Gamma

Jason Howard April 10, 2014
Today, UNF’s Delta Gamma chapter presented a $4000 check to WJCT’s Reading Radio.

Online courses offer nursing students more flexibility

Jason Howard March 5, 2014
Starting Sept. 3, nurses who want to expand their education can do so online when UNF begins it’s foray into online postgraduate education.

UNF in Princeton Review’s Top 75 ‘Best Value Colleges’

Jason Howard January 30, 2014
For the fourth consecutive year, UNF has been named among The Princeton Review’s Top 75 “Best Value Colleges”. President John Delany said, “it increases the value of the degree, when you go out to the workplace or graduate school.”

Student Government Vice President emails resignation letter

Jason Howard January 21, 2014
The full letter of resignation from former SG Vice President William 'Billy' Namen.

Barreling toward California

Jason Howard January 15, 2014
The UNF Surf Club is preparing to send two teams to California to compete at the National Scholastic Surfing Association Nationals.

Curious Reporter

Jason Howard December 4, 2013
According to interviews by UNF Spinnaker, students know their WWII heroes, love their cronuts, and have a sore spot for demoted planets.

Styrofoam duck to migrate to zoo for the winter season

Jason Howard November 21, 2013
UNF’s favorite yellow duck is on the move again.

Students create empty bowls for an event that will fill them

Jason Howard November 12, 2013

Jeff Browning, a UNF sculpture senior, unpacks a rectangular mass of clay and starts slicing it over a long, angled wire. It looks like comically large cheese, maybe even packaged meat, processed and...

Looking back at the 20 year history of UNF student broadcasting

Jason Howard October 14, 2013
If a TV news anchor at Spinnaker Television needs to tell a DJ at Spinnaker Radio a secret, the walk is 11 yards. Twenty years ago, that distance was across campus when Radio was in building 2, Founder’s Hall, and the TV station was in the Andrew J. Robinson Jr. Center.

Curious Reporter

Jason Howard October 12, 2013

Ben Saunders Freshman English Q: Have you been impacted by the Federal Government shutdown? A: I think it’s sad and indicative of our political landscape, that it’s got so bad. I haven’t...

Students design software and donate computers to homeless shelter

Jason Howard April 24, 2013

On April 12, students in a senior project class for their information systems class donated six computers to the Sulzbacher Center, Northeast Florida’s largest service provider for the homeless. The...

Hashtagapalooza: Social media, language and the great metaweb

Jason Howard April 17, 2013
#YouShouldReadThisArticle: #CauseItsAboutHashtags #YoloSwag

Skydiving event continues to take off

Jason Howard April 16, 2013

  Networking has become one of the biggest buzzwords since phones started vibrating on our table tops. There are many ways to network; like luncheons and picnics or dinner parties, but these...

BMX group shows off tricks on campus

Jason Howard April 8, 2013

Bicycles are one of the world’s most popular modes of transportation. The bicycle is real people power; it’s just you and the machine. BMX bikes, however, differ from the average bike. These bikes...

Art students create mural masterpieces around campus

Jason Howard April 8, 2013

Deep in historic Avondale, Jacksonville, professor Nofa Dixon and her special projects art class are working on the next mural for the UNF campus. It will be their largest piece yet — a mural of a cloud-filled...

Students take a stand against Human Trafficking

Jason Howard March 12, 2013

“One slave = $90” read the cardboard sign held by a girl in tattered clothes in the Osprey Plaza. The girl was an actor, but the statistic is real. The girl and several fellow student actors stood...

To make movie magic, sometimes you have to break some microphones: on the set with a CMF 2013 team

Jason Howard March 7, 2013

Movies maintain illusions, illusions you might take for granted. The process of putting a movie on screen is probably not as romantic or funny as the movie itself. Most likely, it is far more stressful. What...

Octogenarian boxer continues his education at UNF

Jason Howard February 21, 2013

Kenneth Comyns stands up from a chair, strapping on red and black gloves designed to soften the blow of balled fists on impact. Assuming a fighter’s stance, he approaches a slowly swinging heavy...

Nest Fest 2013: Make this place your home

Jason Howard February 14, 2013
Homecoming Insider: Find out how UNF is celebrating with fun-filled festivities every day of the week.

Do try this at home: home gardening can yield a multitude of benefits

Jason Howard February 6, 2013

The produce on our supermarket shelves are rambling items of the road. They travel long distances, endure freight trains, chemical sprays, irradiation and inspection to get from the farm, to the grocery...

New club seeks to create money savvy students

Jason Howard January 29, 2013

As a college student, it can be difficult to know how to manage money and make smart financial decisions for the future. Building Economic Success Together, or BEST Alliance, is a new club at UNF that...

Question of the Week Jan. 29

Jason Howard January 29, 2013

“How do you feel about today being the last day of Sbarro being here on campus?”   “I’m mad. I like Sbarros. I don’t want it to go away.” Kelsie Sandage, senior, English     “I...

Students enjoy a taste of The North at Osprey Productions’ Winterfest

Jason Howard January 13, 2013

Conjured as a mini-winter-wonderland in on UNF’s campus, Osprey Productions’ Winterfest brought a snow drift of bubbles and an icy hill to Osprey Plaza Friday night. A horse drawn carriage drawn...

December’s weird and wacky holidays

Jason Howard November 28, 2012

December is known for its holidays: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and solstice, too. There are, however, an entire realm of other not-so-commonly known holidays that take place in December that you...

Get to know your Boathouse bartenders

Jason Howard November 27, 2012

UNF’s Boathouse has been serving fries, shakes and beer since 2009 in the Student Union. Recently, the Boathouse acquired a liquor license which, according to their bartenders, has seen both shaken and...

Celebration gives students a glimpse of Native American culture

Jason Howard November 21, 2012

The Grand Entry begins with wafting smoke from burning sage swirling around a dancer wearing his regalia. The smoke purifies, cleanses and aligns her energies as the dance begins. This is the commencement...

So, what’s your story? UNF Student and magician Magic Mike performs tricks, amazes spectators

Jason Howard November 8, 2012

Those who take the Magician’s Oath promise to not reveal their tricks’ secrets to anyone but other trusted magicians. Mike Kies, known by his stage name, Magic Mike, is a UNF psychology senior...

Haunting the haunted houses: the faces behind the scares

Jason Howard October 27, 2012

You probably know what it’s like to execute a good scare -- the planning, waiting and sense of satisfaction you get from seeing your friends’ shocked faces as you jump out at them when they least...

Students, staff sort trash to promote recycling

Jason Howard October 25, 2012

  The abundance of white coveralls under the tent by the Student Union Oct. 24 may have made it look like there was radiation leak on campus, but the suits were just to protect the students...

Students soar over Lake Oneida in first zip night

Jason Howard October 23, 2012
For years, UNF students have only been able to imitate the Osprey by Swooping, but now, once a month, Eco-Adventures gives students the opportunity to fly. UNF Eco-Adventures’ Osprey Challenge Course is a team-building ropes course funded by Student Government that features both high elements up in the trees and low elements down on the forest floor. The featured attraction, the gravity zip, spans nearly 400 feet and is one of the only zips in Florida to go over water.

Ozzie’s Oktoberfest draws crowds for first event held in decades

Jason Howard October 21, 2012

By Jason Howard, Staff Reporter An estimated 1,000-1,200 students came out to Ozzie’s Oktoberfest Oct. 20 to celebrate beer, food, and music and the revamping of a longtime tradition that UNF...

Ozzie’s Oktoberfest to bring back tradition with local flare

Jason Howard October 18, 2012

This Saturday will mark the revival of a longtime UNF tradition, Oktoberfest. Bill Delaney, UNF Student Affairs Information Specialist, has been planning for a year and a half to bring back the event,...

Get to know your assistant director of physical facilities, landscaping and grounds

Jason Howard October 11, 2012

If “all the world’s a stage,” then that theater needs a backdrop--a setting for the events. At UNF, our ceaseless symphony of academic life and growth has a backdrop of lush and diverse landscaping. The...

UNF dedicates University Center to former university president Adam Herbert

Jason Howard October 2, 2012
UNF celebrated its Founder’s Day today with the dedication of the University Center to the university’s third president, Adam Herbert. Herbert oversaw the construction and design of the University Center during his time as president of UNF.

Organic garden plants first fall crop, takes new name

Jason Howard September 24, 2012
UNF’s organic garden team planted its first crop of the season in what is now known as the Frederick C. and Ophelia T. Ogier Gardens Sept. 21.

UNF shuttle system contractor purchased, shuttles undergo renovations

Jason Howard September 14, 2012
Students can expect to see some unbranded shuttles around campus, while they undergo a period of revamping until mid-October.

UNF economics professor endorses campaign to regulate marijuana

Jason Howard September 4, 2012
This isn't the first time Paul Mason, a UNF economics professor, has supported marijuana legalization.

Amazon launches textbook rental service for students

Jason Howard August 27, 2012
When it comes to textbook rental, students can now use Amazon's textbook division to rent the books they need for a semester.
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