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Tight finances might lead to lifestyle adjustments for students

A combination of partying, the lack of home cooking and the ever-rising prices of textbooks might account for the phrase “broke college student.” And now more than ever, it might be a struggle for college students to keep money in the bank.

However, there are ways for college students to combat these worrisome financial times and still have a little fun.

One of the most important steps students can take to save money is to know what they are spending money on and how much they are spending, said Bettie Adams, assistant professor of accounting and board member of Community First Credit Union.

Adams suggested students keep track of their expenses for a week, including small things like trips to the vending machine.

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Students get funky at fundraiser

Approximately 190 dancers showed up for the Children’s Miracle Network-sponsored Dance Marathon which took place at the UNF Arena Nov. 21 and 22. The event benefited patients at the Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital and Shands.

After 18 hours of learning dances from various local instructors, playing games and hearing benefiting families speak, the total amount raised: $19,096.35, was revealed to participants.

The money came from different outlets such as events on and off campus prior to the marathon, donations from the public and the added amount of what each individual dancer raised, which totaled approximately $15,000.

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NCAA profits off explotation of athletes

NCAA athletics is a multi-million dollar industry, and the majority of the “student athletes” who participate in these sports are not students at all, just athletes.

Many major college football and basketball programs are using the four-year learning period as a minor league of sorts, and that’s exactly how the players, coaches and trainers look at it.

The athletes play four years, win some games, turn some heads and then get called up via the draft, signing a multi-million dollar contract for their potential.