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Police Beat: Summer Shenanigans

Hotwiring hooligan UNFPD was called to the Hodges stadium after an unknown suspect stole and damaged John Deere cart. According to the police report, sometime between July 22 and July 25 the suspect(s) put an unknown item into the ignition and cranked the cart. Investigation revealed that the suspect(s) drove […]

Campus cats here to stay
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Campus cats here to stay

Video by Brittany Moore and Audrey Carpenter The stray cats on campus are part of UNF’s diverse wildlife, and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety wants to keep it that way. Many students enjoy interacting with the stray cats that live on campus, but the department says students should […]

Graphic by Kaitlyn Sinardi
Daily News Special Report

UNFPD seeks student help

Between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Thursday, an unknown suspect entered the Science and Engineering Building (#50) according to a campus alert issued Thursday morning. UNFPD states the suspect rummaged through about 27 offices on the second and third floors, removing several science textbooks. The suspect has been described […]

Pokemon Go raises security concerns
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Pokemon Go raises security concerns

Pokemon Go seems to have become a phenomenon over night, but as people begin to look into how it works, some serious concerns are being raised about its privacy policy. The app requires users to make an account, which can be done through Google or Pokemon’s own online network. Given […]