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Mims, left, and Tajmaus Johnson of the Red Party.Photo courtesy the Red Party Facebook
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SG Supreme Court suspends President-elect for first 10 days in office

Student Government President-elect Samantha Mims will begin her term with a 10-day suspension after a March 9 Supreme Court hearing. The judicial complaint, filed by chairwoman of the United Party Katherine Thames, said Mims defamed the United Party by misrepresenting the party through Mims’ original complaint (see below). “Mims goes beyond simply […]

Graphic by Kyle Crompton
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Recap: The final debate

What was arguably the most tame presidential debate this election cycle also happened to be the last between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With less than three weeks until election day, the candidates had a lot to say. The Supreme Court Moderator Chris Wallace brought up the topic of the […]

Graphic by Jay Paul
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Debate Recap: Vying for the vice presidency

The Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) addressed Hillary Clinton’s emails, Donald Trump’s Tax 1995 tax return and abortion, and focused strongly on foreign policy. The debate highlighted the similarities and differences between the two men, providing insight into why the presidential candidates […]

Photo Credit: United States White House Photographer
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Obama re-elected

President Barack Obama will remain president for a second term, after winning 49 percent of the popular vote in Florida in a series of tight races across the state. The electoral vote totals went back and forth all evening, and CNN and Fox News didn’t call the election until around […]