Sanders wins New Hampshire; on to Nevada

Courtney Green, News Editor

Bernie Sanders won last night’s New Hampshire primary – his first clear victory over rival Democrat Pete Buttigieg after an app malfunction in Iowa that resulted in a recanvass by the Iowa Democratic Party and the suspicions that Sanders was the rightful winner.

New Hampshire state flag.

With virtually no hitches in the voting method, Sanders placed first, winning nine delegates.

Buttigieg followed at second, also winning nine delegates.

Amy Klobuchar came in at third with six delegates.

Elizabeth Warren placed fourth.

Joe Biden – the candidate most assumed to be the Democratic front-runner – placed fifth.

Ultimately, Warren and Biden finished with zero delegates from the state of New Hampshire.

Yesterday, Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet officially announced the dropping of their presidential campaigns after weak finishes in New Hampshire.

Both Iowa and New Hampshire are considered critical states to win – historically, no Democrat has ever become the party’s presidential nominee without placing either first or second in New Hampshire.

The candidates move on to Nevada, where the state will hold their primary in less than two weeks. The Nevada caucus will be held on February 22, but there will be an early caucusing over the four days prior.

Nevada originally planned to use the same reporting technology as Iowa, but has since nixed that idea before Tom Perez, the Democratic National Convention Chair, demanded a cease in the app’s use.


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