Forward Party wins SG Election


Jenna DuPilka and Maria Bermudez, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of the Forward Party

Colin McCann

On Mar. 7, Student Government and the three parties (Red, Forward, and Howard) gathered together in the Student Union Plaza to hear the election results.

The Forward Party won the Presidential Election with Jenna DuPilka and Maria Bermudez. DuPilka is now the President-elect and Bermudez is Vice President-elect.

DuPilka and Bermudez won by 788 votes. The Red Party Presidential candidates, Thomas Beaucham and Kristen Ballard, had 578 votes. The Howard Party Presidential candidates, Chris Deardeuff and Bridget Monaham had 267 votes.

For the senatorial election, the Forward Party also came on top, having the most senators elected in.

From the Forward Party, Natalie Castello, Maria Bello, Natalie Mercaldo, Cody Choi, Neil Duncan, Kathryn Schneider, Yanling Zhang, and John Aloszka were elected.

From the Red Party, the elected were Caitlyn Holley, Sonia Vargas, Clarise McCullough, Meghan Pilcher, Karlee Gordon, Camden Dean, and Thomas Pluchon.

And from the Howard party, the elected senators were Karina Harvey, Madison Otoole, Thomas Johnson, and Daniel James.

Additionally, Anthony Hall, who ran as independent, was also elected.

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