Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Feb. 11


Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
Chad Herbert
Graphic Designer
Question 1: The National Italian Soccer League team AC Milan has made numerous offers to the L.A. Galaxy for David Beckham. Is Beckham really a player worth fighting for?
In another country he is. In the U.S. nobody really cares. It was a mistake for him to come here in the first place, and it would be a mistake now if he doesn’t leave. You have to figure Beckham is nearing the end of his prime. Maybe he should play in a country that’s passionate about soccer instead of being a figurehead in a league no one pays attention to. If I were Beckham, I would stick with L.A. Galaxy; they have an awesome team name. If you want an instant celebrity that brings money to the team then yes. In my opinion the only thing worth fighting for is having his wife, Posh Spice’s dress get shorter.
Question 2: With 55 entries in NASCAR racing, a majority of teams will have new drivers, numbers and sponsorships this year. How do you think the changing of the guard will affect the sport?
More cheap-beer drinking, pork-rind eating, lawn-chair sitting and redneck yelling. I’m excited! Fans will have to get tattoos with their favorite driver’s old numbers covered up, but I don’t think NASCAR will be affected in any meaningful way unless Dale Earnhardt comes back to life. It doesn’t matter if racing ever changes. What matters is if you let racing change you. If it increases viewership in the sport then it’s thrilling for NASCAR. Personally, turning left at 250 mph doesn’t excite me much.
Question 3: The new athletic director at UNF, Lee Moon, doesn’t think UNF can have a football team until we strengthen the teams we have now. Do you agree with him?
Absolutely. With the nature of the recent budget we can’t afford one. We should focus on making our current teams respectable. I agree with him that it isn’t the time to add a football team, but for a different reason. We need a tougher mascot. How about the UNF Militant Pterodactyls With Machine Guns? I definitely agree. When UNF’s teams transitioned into Division I, they agreed to push harder for their sport than they’d ever pushed before. We should support them with an equal effort. I agree. I believe that we should work on the core of what we have now, rather than waste the money for another losing team.
Question 4: Alex Rodriguez, the highest paid player in the history of Major League Baseball, admitted to using steroids after previously lying about his usage. Will he be able to restore his image?
I think so. He used when it wasn’t against the league’s policy. The test was supposed to be confidential. Either way, he has a major lawsuit against the Players’ union to win. With a messy divorce, a lack of playoff productivity and a poor locker room reputation, A-Roid’s image was already tarnished. However, this ruins his Valentine’s Day date with Derek Jeter. Maybe. But I don’t think he’ll be able to gain his fans’ trust back. That seems more important than an image. Being a fan of the Yankees, he loses all credibility with me. He better shut his mouth up now and bring his team a championship for all the unwanted distraction.

Compiled by Heather Furey.