10 Things you need to know about Marcie Hickey


With one week down and an entire season to go, Marcie Hickey has begun her career as an Osprey – the fifth UNF softball head coach in the program’s history. Hickey, who graduated college 10 years ago from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, signed on as head coach in June 2008. While playing collegiate softball, Hickey recorded the 10th spot on the Bloomsburg’s all-time hits list. She comes to Jacksonville from the University of Vermont, where she spent two years as head coach. The Spinnaker sat down with Hickey to talk about her love of softball, career highlights and just some fun personal quirks.

1. Hickey didn’t start playing softball until her freshman year of high school. Before that, she played baseball on a boys little league team, and the transition was not one that thrilled her, she said.  2. In college, Hickey played for Jane Hutchinson, the collegiate softball coach with the fourth-highest wins in the country. She was the person who inspired Hickey to consider coaching full-time after graduation.  3. She learns fast. As head coach at Coppin State University in Maryland, Hickey imitated Hutchinson’s success, becoming the program’s all-time wins leader.  4. As a collegiate athlete, Hickey played three infield positions: shortstop, third base and first base. She is still ranked fifth on the school’s all-time home runs list with 26 in her career.  5. Before she could graduate with her criminal justice degree, Hickey had to complete an internship. Hers was at a maximum-security treatment facility for adolescent boys (ages 14-19). There were boys convicted of crimes on many levels, many of which were “hardcore” and included high drug dependence, Hickey said.  6. UNF is the first school she has been at that offers a Masters in criminal justice – a dream Hickey might one day pursue.  7. The bright sunny weather is one of the best things about Florida to Hickey, who grew up in Washingtonville, Pa.  8. One of Hickey’s biggest fears as a coach comes from interacting so closely with students on a daily basis. She wants to see each of her players become the best athletes they can.  9. Above all else, Hickey hates snakes. She had to call the grounds keepers to get one out of the dug out a few weeks ago because she refused to go in and get it.  10. “I like UNF a lot,” Hickey said. “The softball team [which only has one losing season in its history] couldn’t be at a perfect place. And the athletic program has such huge potential.” That’s why she’s an Osprey.

Compiled by Holli Welch.