Police Beat, Feb. 21


Feb. 9 – Information (Building 45) – Eight black, white and blue photo prints were taken from a wall in the entrance hallway to the Print Lab. Students had displayed the photos, which had no monetary value.

Feb. 12 – Criminal Mischief (Housing mailboxes)
– Goose eggs were thrown against the rear side of the Housing mailbox. Investigation revealed that at the same time, more eggs were thrown on Building Y.

A UPD officer checked whether the Canada geese belong to the endangered species, and he verified they are not endangered in the state of Florida.

Feb. 14 – Grand Theft (Arena )
–  Nearly $1,000 worth of cameras and equipment was stolen from a student’s locker in the locker room.

Although the student said the locker was secured with a combination lock, a couple employees recalled the student saying she might have left the locker unlocked.

Feb. 18 – Petty Theft (Lot 5) – A student was arrested after a stolen parking decal was found hanging on her rear view mirror.

The student claimed to have found the decal on campus but wouldn’t say where. The
student was issued a notice to appear at Student Conduct.

Feb. 19 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 17) – A student’s vehicle was damaged while it was parked. A hammer was thrown through the driver’s window.

The truck was on blocks and the gas tank was in the bed, making the vehicle impossible to drive.

Feb. 20 – Information (Building S)
– A Resident Assistant noticed a marijuana odor while performing a health and safety inspection.

The resident admitted to smoking marijuana and allowed the RA to search his room.

An empty bottle of 40-ounce Budweiser was also found under his bed.

Feb. 21 – Information (Skate Park) – A non-UNF person currently undergoing treatment for cancer had a seizure at the skate park.

When UPD arrived, the person seemed confused. He was transported to Mayo Clinic.

Compiled by Andrea Farah.