Police Beat week of Oct. 3

Olivia Osland

Sept. 21 Sick Person (Building 47) – An officer responded in reference to a student possibly having a heart attack. The witness said the subject parked in the Parking Services lot, walked up to the window, and told an employee that she thought she was having a heart attack. Emergency rescue arrived and transported the subject to Mayo Clinic.

Sept. 21 Sick Person (Osprey Cove) – An officer responded to an emergency call from a person who said he thought he was having a heart attack. When the officer arrived, he approached the subject and asked if he was the one who called. The subject did not respond. The officer asked again and the subject confirmed that he called. The subject gave the officer his N number and birth date but was a number off with each. The subject said he had taken an unknown pill. Emergency rescue arrived and transported him to Vincent Hospital.

Sept. 23 Vandalism (Osprey Villages) – An officer met with a complainant who said he heard a loud noise come from his bedroom. When the subject went into his room, he noticed his window had been broken. He does not know who it could have been. The subject said nothing in his room fell that could have broken it. The officer observed the outside area and did not see anything that could have caused it. The investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 24 Theft (Lot 15) – An officer met with a complainant who said she last saw her bicycle chained outside Building Q Monday evening. The following morning the complainant returned to the rack and her bicycle was missing. The complainant found the chain that was used to secure the bike broken and in the dirt. There are no current suspects.

Sept. 25 Fraud (Building 53) – An officer met with the campus treasurer who said there are five back charges to UNF. An unknown suspect had used a fraudulent credit card to complete multiple admission applications. The total loss for the university is $153.25. Each application address is listed out of the country. None of the applications were accepted by UNF.

Sept. 26 Sick Person (Osprey Crossings) – An officer met with a complainant who said she suddenly felt very sick. The complainant suspected it to be an allergic reaction to a prescription medication she began to take the day before. Emergency rescue responded and transported the subject to Mayo Clinic.

Compiled by Olivia Osland