Police Beat Week of Oct. 16

Olivia Osland

Oct. 5 Theft (Arena) – An officer met with a complainant who said someone took his phone while he was playing basketball. The officer questioned three subjects who were nearby but could not locate the fourth person. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 5 Drug Paraphernalia (Osprey Landing) – An officer met with a resident assistant who said she found drug paraphernalia in a bag by the Dumpster. The complainant took the bag and called the officer. The officer found marijuana, two pipes, a grinder and a tobacco box. The complainant said she smelled marijuana then observed a resident place the bag of paraphernalia by the Dumpster. The officer was unable to prove possession by the suspect. The evidence was placed in JSO property room.

Oct. 6 Theft (Fountains) – An officer met with a victim who said his computer, cell phone and money had been stolen from him over night. The complainant said he met a woman at a club the previous night and took her back to his dorm. When he woke up, the suspect and his belongings were missing. The complainant said he was surprised to see the woman had left and his items were missing.

Oct. 6 Drug Paraphernalia (Osprey Village) – An officer was conducting his nightly rounds when he smelled marijuana. The officer called for help and was able to narrow it down to one room. The resident gave the officer permission to enter. The officer observed the paraphernalia in plain view. The suspect was Mirandized and claimed full responsibility.

Oct. 6 Intoxicated Driver (Lot 12) – An officer observed a suspicious car and activated his emergency lights. The officer spoke with the driver who said his friend had too much to drink, and she was driving her home. The passenger was vomiting outside the door. The officer called for emergency rescue who took the passenger to Mayo Clinic. The officer did not observe any intoxicated symptoms in the driver but conducted a breath test, since she was under 21. The driver was above the legal driving limit and had to surrender her license. The driver was issued a notice of suspension and released. 

Oct. 7 Intoxicated Persons (Lot 100) – An officer met with a cab driver who had two subjects in the back seat of her cab. The subjects were passed out, and one appeared to have vomited. The officer assisted the subjects and called emergency rescue, which brought one subject to Mayo Clinic. The other subject, who was a UNF student, was referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 8 Damaged Property (Osprey Cove) – An officer met with an employee who said a vending machine bill receptor had been damaged. The machine has been fixed and is in service. There are no current suspects.

Oct. 8 Theft (Lot 18) – An officer met with a complainant who said her parking permit had been stolen. The complainant said noticed her permit was missing after she returned from class and found a parking ticket for a missing permit.

Oct. 8 Auto Damage (Lot 10) – An officer met with a complainant who said his car had been damaged. The officer observed a shattered rear window with two small holes. The tint held the glass together. There are no current suspects.

Oct. 8 Criminal Mischief (Lot 14) – An officer met with a complainant who said he discovered key marks on his back door. The complainant said a male had cursed at him for “taking his spot,” but he did not respond to the subject. The complainant returned to his car after class. The suspect could not be contacted due to time in class. This is an ongoing investigation.

Oct. 9 Suspicious Activity (Lot 18) – An officer met with a complainant who said a male had been following her. The complainant said as she was walking from Lot 18, the suspect stepped out of bushes near her and began talking to her. She said she tried to ignore him, but he continued to follow her. She then called her mom and stayed on the phone until she approached her building. The suspect then backed away.

Oct. 9 Theft (Lot 18) – An officer met with a complainant who said his gas had been stolen. The complainant said her noticed his gas gauge was no longer at half a tank but was empty after he tried to start his car, which failed to start. The complainant called a friend to bring some gas. The car then started up.

Oct. 11 Intoxicated Driver (Alumni Drive) – An officer conducted a traffic stop after observing suspicious behavior. The officer observed the driver’s glassy eyes and smell of alcohol. The officer conducted a field sobriety test. The officer did not notice any deficiencies. The officer conducted a breath test, and the subject was past the legal limit. Another officer noticed a glass pipe and a grinder with marijuana residue. The subject took full responsibility for these items. The subject was issued a Notice to Appear for drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 11 Burglary (Fine Arts Garage) – An officer met with an employee who said she was conducting her round and noticed a shattered car window. The officer observed the window and noticed damage to the outdoor handles of the driver and passenger door. The owner of the vehicle arrived and said the only thing missing was his parking permit.

Oct. 11 Auto Damage (Lot 17) – An officer met with a complainant who said he noticed a broken car window while picking up trash. The owner of the vehicle was located and said he did not notice any items missing, including his GPS, which was in plain view. No other vehicles had been damaged in the area.

Oct. 14 Theft (Osprey Cove) – An officer met with a complainant who said while he and his roommate were asleep, a skateboard, laptop, computer and phone had been taken. The complainant said he fell asleep and forgot to lock his room door. There are no current suspects, and patrol efforts are continuing.