Police Beat – March 12

Lydia Moneir


March 4 Theft (Lot 46) – UPD investigated the theft of a student’s parking pass. The student told officers that he had forgotten to lock his car and his parking pass had been stolen from his rearview mirror while he was in class the day before. Due to the time lapse since the theft, UPD had very limited options in conducting an investigation. The case has been suspended.
March 5 Vehicle Collision (Lot 15) – A student working for Parking Services reported that she struck a parked van. She was driving a Parking Services golf cart as she tried to maneuver between a light pole and the van. Ironically, the van belonged to the students father. The damage to the van ended up to be $200 while the damage to the golf cart amounted to $100.
March 6 Drug Possession (Osprey Village) – An RA in the Osprey Village was conducting her nightly rounds when she smelt marijuana coming from one of the rooms in building D. The RA contacted UPD and entered the room with the officer after knocking several times and identifying herself as an RA. The resident allowed the officer to enter, and the officer found marijuana and a grinder with marijuana residue on the floor and kitchen counter of the room. The resident took full responsibility for the drugs over another suspect present in the room and was given a Notice to Appear in court. Both students were referred to the Student Conduct Office.

March 11 Battery (Student Conduct office) – A UPD officer responded to a battery. The victim said two male acquaintances came to his room and to speak to him about a long standing issue involving past arrests, thefts and drug involvement. The victim would not explain further but said one of the suspects tried to provoke him into a fight. When the victim said he wouldn’t fight, the suspect began hitting the victim with closed fists. The second suspect and victim’s roommate left the room, leaving the victim alone with the suspect who battered him. The victim said the suspect called him a snitch, a p—- and told him not to call the police. After the suspect left, two neighbours came over to find out what the hubbub was. The victim told them what happened and they contacted UPD. The victim did not report the fight to UNF Housing or UPD. An officer escorted the victim to the UNF Victim’s Advocate. UPD attempted to contact the two suspects but were unable – they referred them to Student Conduct.

March 11 Marijuana (Osprey Fountains) – An RA reported smelling burning marijuana coming out of a resident’s room and when she walked near the outside window, saw three students smoking marijuana in a glass pipe with the window open. The police officer walked outside the window and saw the three suspects smoking. The suspect noticed the officer and verbally stated, “F—, I’m going to jail.” The suspect let the office into his room and admitted to smoking marijuana and handed over .6 grams of marijuana. When the officer asked the suspect to hand over his paraphernalia, the suspect handed over a glass pipe, a pill bottle, a metal bong, a plastic cooler, a plastic container and wrapping paper, all with marijuana residue. The resident suspect was given a Notice to Appear and sent to Student conduct. The other two students who were smoking were sent to Student Conduct.

Compiled by Lydia Moneir