Intramural sports growing at UNF


Not everyone who loves competitive sports can be a UNF Division I athlete, but there are still several other opportunities available.

UNF has provided its students with several different intramural sports program options for almost 30 years. Along with several fall and spring leagues for various sports, UNF also offers several special events including a racquetball tournament, 40 yard dash and homerun derby.

“We are expecting at least equal participation if not more from last year,” said senior sports management major Chris Hitt, the program assistant for intramural sports said.

Last year was the largest turnout for intramural sports since Justin Cato took over as the Intramural Coordinator three years ago, Hitt said.

Over the last few years, UNF has also begun to offer various new kinds of intramural programs to its students. In the Spring 2009 semester, UNF offered its first intramural ultimate Frisbee league, which has spurned on the formation of an ultimate Frisbee club at UNF, which hopes to compete in interstate play this year. Cornhole and whiffleball will be added to the list of tournament events that are provided this year.

The intramural programs draw in several teams each year who are interested in playing for fun or competition, Hitt said.

“It can get very competitive during the seasons and playoffs,” Hitt said. “Last year over 400 people came out to watch the 7-7 football Greek championship game. And UNF has had three teams win national championships in 7-7.”

UNF’s 7-7 team, “UNF Swoop,” won the national men’s rec championship last year and was a Final Four team the previous year. UNF has had three national champion teams in the last ten years with the other two teams coming from the co-rec league.

7-7 football was the most popular league sport last year at UNF, fielding 83 teams. Volleyball had the second most teams with 76.

To balance out the leagues, the bigger sports are split into two groups come playoff time. Teams from sports such as 7-7 football are split into two groups; teams with above and teams with below 500 records. This system allows everyone to have more fun and compete at a level fit for them, Hitt said.

All of the intramural programs are open to UNF students and full-time faculty members. Those who are interested in joining one of the fall leagues should attend the captain’s meeting for their league on the date listed.

For students who are looking for job opportunities, UNF’s intramural programs provide a unique employment opportunity. Students can apply to become an official for several of the leagues that UNF provides.

To find out more information about intramural sports, visit the Recreation Office on the first floor of the Arena or contact them at 620-2998.