Costly UPD procedures hide in student housing contract


On-campus residents may be familiar with the consequences of breaking Residence Life rules regarding drug and alcohol related foul play — a Student Conduct appearance or even an arrest may follow. But what really precedes the shameful walk out of the dorms and into the Impala?

Although up to the discretion of the officer handling the given situation, many of UNF’s students caught red-handed aren’t always just scolded and made to write a “reflection” essay on their bad deeds.

An old practice appearing more and more prominent on UPD’s weekly police records is the practice of sending students to detox or rehabilitation centers for the night.

“We’ve been doing this for years for the best interest of the students. Depending on their individual state, we decide where to send them, and if to send them anywhere at all,” Police Chief John Dean said.

Students may not be aware that drug and alcohol abusers get sent to detox and rehabilitation centers, but they signed a contract agreeing to these forms of action in the case of rule-breaking in the student housing contract, he said.

The protocol varies in the case of juveniles, of whom UNF houses approximately 39, Dean said.

If a juvenile appears impaired, it’s most likely the officer will initially try and get in touch with a parent or guardian and hand them over to a responsible adult, and if that doesn’t work out, then it’s off to a countyrun Gateway Community detox center.

“Once in the detox center, whatever needs to be done is done, again, in the best interest of the student, of course. However, the detox center is much less pleasant than the rehabilitation center,” Dean said.

If a student is a legal adult, it’s most likely that they’ll be sent to River Point Behavioral Health Center until sunrise. While this experience is much nicer and more comfortable, Dean said it’ll cost you.

Both detox and rehabilitation centers require students, or the parents of students, to put out around $300 compensation for their night’s stay.