June 1 DUI Police Beat

Gordon Rhyne

June 1 DUI (Garage 44): A UPD officer responded to a car accident in front of the Fine Arts Garage. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer found both passengers sitting on the sidewalk. Both admitted to using LSD and marijuana and the driver admitted to giving LSD to the passenger. The driver gave the officer consent to search his vehicle, but no contraband was found. The officer took both subjects to Lot 41. While patting down the driver, the officer found a small pipe with marijuana residue. The officer then read the driver his Miranda rights and performed field sobriety tests. During a walk-and-turn exercise, the driver missed four heel-to-toe steps out of eight and stepped off the line twice. During a 30-second standing leg exercise, the driver put his foot down three times. The officer performed another 30-second balance test on the driver where he used his arms to balance himself. The officer also noticed the driver’s eyes were bloodshot, glassy and moving involuntarily.

The passenger, a minor, was turned over to his father after being examined and cleared by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. The officer found a small amount of marijuana on the passenger, so he seized it and turned it in to the property room. The driver’s vehicle was turned over to his mother and the driver was arrested. Upon arriving at the pretrial detention facility, a nurse said the suspect needed to be taken to the hospital because he had taken an unknown amount of LSD. The officer took the suspect to Shands Jacksonville Hospital, where the suspect consented to a blood draw. The officer took the blood draw kit and evidence to the property room. The officer charged the suspect with careless driving and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and issued a DUI citation. Both passengers were banned from UNF’s campus.

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