CON: Save human life, educate the population


Decreasing the amount of people in the world will not solve the anything, and allowing the government to tell families how many children they have is ridiculous.

When big brother decides he is going to stick his head into the delivery room, and make you decide which of the twins you’re going to keep, there’s a big problem with society.

For the families who have more than their allotment and decide they want to keep the children, they can be taxed for the additional children under the idea of population control. Families that can’t afford these taxes must then look toward abortion.

So what is the value of human life?

Life deserves an outlet. It’s not as simple as wildlife management. Officials can control part of the gator population by the amount of hunting licenses they give out.

The debate over abortion is not necessarily cut down party lines. But President Obama has said many times the way to fix the problem was to stop unwanted pregnancies.

The only population control I can support is education. Inform more and more people in America and throughout the world of the consequences an unwanted pregnancy brings.  Send contraceptives to poverty-stricken neighborhoods in America and the world.

There are important tough issues facing the U.S, but eliminating a percent of the future workforce through instituting population control will not solve the unemployment crisis that President Obama has recently said will continue to trouble the U.S. through next year.

These ideas are not so far out there for China, who has been using many of these strategies for years.

Do humans not have the individual right to populate the earth freely as every other species?

The best way to solve problems like destitution and overcrowding is through developing smaller Third World countries.

Build factories and farms to put people to work. Make it easier for workers to gain skills, and then outsource him or her to another country to find work.

Encourage global companies to invest in these areas. This is not considered westernizing the world, but merely attempting to eliminate a problem America has never truly experienced — extreme destitution.

The World Bank President Robert Zoellick was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, “The poorest countries may not be well represented on the G-20, but we cannot ignore the long-term costs of the global downturn on their people’s health and education.”

Low-income countries as a group are expected to face an external financing gap of $59 billion this year. With private financing flows on the decline, these countries will become even more dependent on external aid, the bank told WSJ.

African countries like Eritrea or Suriname who have GNPs that wouldn’t amount to the value of my car, face hard times and need support.

Stopping the spread of human life will fix nothing, simply educating the world is the only real solution.