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Police Beat Nov. 18

Illustration by Zach Evans

Nov. 6 – Stolen Parking Decal (Lot 18)

A student’s parking decal was stolen from his motorcycle. The $150 decal disappeared while the motorcycle was parked in Lot 18. There were no known witnesses to the theft.

Nov. 8 – Theft (Bldg. 61) 

A student’s $299 iPhone 5 and Hello Kitty ear buds were stolen when she was in the Student Wellness Center.

Before working out, the victim put her phone and ear buds in a cubicle box on the second floor. When she returned, her things were gone, and none of the items had been turned in to staff.

The area is unsecured and unmonitored.

It has not yet been determined if the phone can be located using GPS.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Nov. 10 – Marijuana (Lot 55)

UPD responded to reports of a suspicious person in Lot 55. When an officer arrived, no one was in sight. However, the officer did discover a multi-colored pipe with marijuana residue, lying on the pavement.

The officer was unable to find the suspicious person.

Nov. 10 – Damaged Parking Light (Lot 7)

A parking light was damaged significantly. It was found lying on its side, removed from its concrete base. Wiring was exposed, and the bolt attachment was broken at the base. The value of the damage caused amounted to $10.

No other damage was observed, and no people or vehicles were found in the immediate area. UPD did not know where the damage came from.

Nov. 12 – UPS Damages Paperwork (Bldg. 8)

Several contents in an important package went missing, and the incident was deemed an accident.

A UNF employee used the UPS Store in English Hall to send a large package to Miami. The package contained thirteen packets of paperwork that related to a real-estate transaction, and all of the packets contained important personal and financial information.

When the package arrived, six of the thirteen packets were missing. The items in the received packets were loosely assembled, and one of the pieces of paperwork had a dirty boot print on it.

UPS concluded that the items went missing when the package was ripped open after becoming hung up between machines. Because they believe it was an accident, they did not investigate further.

The employee contacted the identity protection company she uses, and was told there was no activity on her credit bureau account. The company told the victim that they would extend seven more years of service to her if she could obtain an information report from police.

Nov. 14 –Missing Student (Bldg. 45) 

An Englewood high school student went missing while on a field trip to UNF.

UPD made efforts to find the male, 14, who had been at the Lazzara Theater with several hundred other high school students. Nearly an hour after the search started, one of the visiting students claimed to have contacted the male via text messaging.

The male claimed that he had missed the bus leaving UNF, and had walked to the Town Center. UPD officers made attempts to contact the missing student, but were unsuccessful.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Nov. 14 –Theft (Building 16)

A student secured his skateboard with a faulty lock, and the skateboard was stolen.

The student said he secured his skateboard in a rack, but admitted the combination lock he used was old, and sometimes did not lock. When the student returned about 30 minutes later, the skateboard was missing.

The board’s top was tan with three brown pin stripes, and the bottom had a wave design. It had a Sector 9 decal and green wheels.

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