Chartwells employee booted & belligerent

Joseph Cook

A Chartwells employee became agitated while a boot was removed from his vehicle.

According to a report from the University Police Department, the employee’s vehicle had been booted because it had several outstanding parking tickets, some dating back as far as 2009.

The employee’s wife called parking service and paid the bills via phone.

After the bills had been paid, a parking services worker went to Garage 38 and began to remove the boot from the employee’s vehicle.

As the worker did so, the employee walked up and said, “This is f—— ridiculous, especially about some 2009 b——-.”

According to UPD’s report, the employee also said, “You better be glad I wasn’t here when this was put on the car.”

The parking services worker said he didn’t look up at the subject because he wanted to remove the boot and leave the area as soon as possible.

According to UPD, as the worker left, the employee said “This is how people get killed.”

The worker said he never felt threatened by the employee, and none of the comments were directed as a threat against him.

Efforts were made to reach the employee and advise him to refrain from speaking in such a way to any parking services workers.

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