Worst games of 2013

Daniel Woodhouse

**Remember Me** fails to be memorable. Graphic courtesy of Facebook.
**Remember Me** fails to be memorable.
Graphic courtesy of Facebook.
We’ve reminisced on the adventurous horror in **Metro: Last Light** and the great graphics in **Grand Theft Auto 5** in Best games of 2013. Now let’s brave a look at the opposite end of the spectrum, the five worst games of 2013.

# 5 Remember Me: Ironically, I completely forgot about this game until now. From an unintelligible plot to awkward dialogue and a dull combat system, **Remember Me** does nothing to draw the player into the experience. For a game the focuses around memories, **Remember Me** sure does a nice job of making itself unmemorable.

# 4 Fuse: Originally titled **Overstrike** back in 2011, this potentially intriguing game was “reworked and rebranded” by EA as **Fuse:** a boring, generic, **Gears of War** clone. Creative and new ideas don’t seem to be in EA’s money-making plan. When you dig yourself into a hole, you don’t keeping digging, nail yourself into a coffin and let people bury you. (Although, if you’re offering EA, I–like many others–will be happy to cue up the shovels to fill in the grave.)

**Fuse** was remade from 2011's **Overstrike**. Graphic courtesy of Facebook.
**Fuse** was remade from 2011’s **Overstrike**.
Graphic courtesy of Facebook.

# 3 Black Knight Sword: Let’s take a break from picking on the mainstream meatheads, and beat up on the indie games for a bit. I’m not sure what crowd the developers of **Black Knight Sword** were aiming for, but I guess I wasn’t it. I rage quit this game halfway through, but not because of its pretentious artsy theme and premise that could have been thought up by a couple of hipsters at Starbucks. No, I stopped because the game is excruciatingly difficult and is made all the more painful by the fact that everytime you die, your character loses all the upgrades you gained up to that point.

# 2 Aliens: Colonial Marines: Over-hyping a game can backfire. **Aliens: Colonial Marines** isn’t just awful, it’s an absolute disgrace. The graphics stink, the gameplay isn’t fun, the environment is stupid, the characters are undeveloped, the writing is childish, the friendly and enemy A.I. is stupid and even the audio is horrible. To top off its failures in every department, the game has more glitches than Internet Explorer, and runs about as fast. Developer Gearbox really messed up on this one.

**Aliens: Colonial Marines** backfires. Graphic courtesy of Facebook.
**Aliens: Colonial Marines** backfires.
Graphic courtesy of Facebook.

# 1 Dark: 2013’s crown of sewage goes to the truly miserable **Dark**. Besides its laughably unoriginal title, there’s a laundry list of design flaws, glitches and plot holes. **Dark** isn’t just bad, it’s broken. **Aliens: Colonial Marines** maybe worth less than a pile of goose poop, but at least it’s not so unplayable that you’re barely able to get past the first mission. A vampire game that makes the **Twilight** franchise look tolerable is never a good thing. For anyone who bought this game, I’m sorry for your loss.But hey, you can still use the disc for some things, like a drink coaster.

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